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Second day in Toba on Sunday, July 15, 2012

Katya and I had a buffet breakfast at “ARAGOSTA“. We sat by the window. We had a buffet because Katya wanted to have a big salad. However, I do not recommend this buffet because of a low quality. After breakfast, we walked to “Thermaison” for spa and esthétique. It is a big spa. The quality of water was very good. I felt my skin got smooth. Katya enjoyed esthétique treatments. Then we drove to Chidorigahama Beach, the biggest beach in Mie prefecture.    I do not complain, but Katya did not like the tetrapod constructions in the sea to prevent waves. So we took off the beach.  We drove up … Continue reading

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No rain in the rainy season

There was (probably) no rain in Kofu (I am not 100% sure because I stay mainly inside). It was not sunny but humid and hot, so I used an air conditioner in my office. Katya and I are planning to visit Toba in Mie prefecture from July 14 to 16. I hope the weather is OK then. The weather forecast tells that it will be cloudy, but fortunately, with no rain. We are planning to go on the beach. If we cannot swim, we want to walk by.

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