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Walk, Concert, Buffet on Sunday

Today is Sunday. Katya and I took Maya-san to Lake Chiyoda.   It was a warm day. Maya-san got into the lake and chased ducks.    After a half-an-hour walk, we went back home. Katya and I drove to Togen Hall, where a concert was held by an amateur orchestra “South Alps Utopia Symphony Orchestra“. They performed Brahms, Prokofiev, and Beethoven.    We listened to Symphony #5 of Beethoven for the first time in a concert hall. The members must have practiced hard. Katya and I did not have lunch. On the way back home after the concert, we dropped by “Stamina Taro“, a bufet restaurant. The quality was not high … Continue reading

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Electricity has been running

Yesterday and today, we enjoyed the continuous flow of electricity.  Tokyo Electric Power Co. is scheduling the continuous supply till April 3; schools are in the spring vacation now.  From April 4, school starts and electricity goes down. Katya went to see a Russian friend of hers in Minami Alps city and had no time to cook.  We went to the Jonathan’s.  There were many people as usual. Dairy foods and products were out of order.  At the coffee server, there was no milk for cafe au lait or cappuccino. Yogurt was not available, either.  Other than that, menus were normal. Katya was reading Mikhail Bulgakov before dinner came. Maya-san … Continue reading

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Helping Student’s Presentation

Today’s Saturday.  Katya went to see her friend in Minami Alps city, while I worked. I the morning, I felt I had a cold. At 5 PM, I was finishing my work, when a Ph. D. student came to my office with a confused look.  He is to take the oral Ph. D. dissertation on Monday, but he was not confident. So, we went to a hall for a rehearsal.  We commented on some points.  It finished after 7 PM. I was planning to cook chili this evening but had no time now.  Katya waited for me at Gusto and I joined her. I think he will be OK on … Continue reading

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Katya’s Christmas Party

Today is Saturday, January 8, one day after the Orthodox Christmas day.  Katya went out for a late Christmas party. She first went to Minami Alps city to pick up her Russian friend and her son.  They headed for Shimosuwa, not to my parents’ but to their friend’s house.  She is an Ukrainian living with her Japanese husband and their two boys.  Another Ukrainian came with her daughter.  So there were four ladies, three boys, and one daughter. The Japanese husband was helping the party, cutting woods for the fireplace, bringing wines, etc, according to Katya. When she came home, after leaving her Russian friend back in Minami Alps, Katya … Continue reading

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Culture Day

Today is a national holiday, Culture day.  There was a bazaar in an English school where Katya often teaches, but we chose to go to Lake Inagako in Minami Alps City. Mini took us there. The leaves started to change colors. Katya was busy taking pictures. Maya-san was busy digging holes. After coming home, we headed for Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Ceter, where we played tennis from 3  to 4 PM and from 7 to 8:30 PM. Kayta was satisfied with her new racket.  I moved too quickly in a cool air and had the right thigh slightly injured. We had not played tennis for three weeks, so we are very tired. Katya started … Continue reading

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Lake Inagako, Minami-Alps City

Lake Inagako is an irrigation lake in Minami Alps City near Kofu.  I think the name, “Minami-Alps city”, is a bit funny for that of a city in Japan.  Minami-Alps city was established in 2003 with the combination of six towns and villages.  The name of the new city was decided at the assembly. I failed to find out when the Lake Inagako was made.  I only know that the lake was made without using machines at that time. A couple of weeks are needed for the leaves to be dressed in colors. Maya-san naturally dug holes. There is a view point for Minami-Alps city near the lake. It was a … Continue reading

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