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Bicycle for Chinese student

Today is Monday. In the morning, I met the Chinese student in our institute. He was doing OK during the weekend. We started talking in French. I have not been talking it for months, so I could not speak it well. He will be in the institute for two months, so I should be speaking it OK by then. He is now living in a dorm for international researchers and students.  I let him use my Lamborghini. I will be using my moped.  

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moped runs

During winter, I did not ride my Italian moped. It was a bit cool but beautiful today. I felt like riding it for the first time this year. I put some motor oil in and rode it on. The moped has only a small power, thus I have to pedal it on the slope. The engine seemed a bit dull, but it should be getting smoother before the summer comes.

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I noticed the existence of “a motor bike with pedals” first time in my life in a French movie, “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain“.  Many people like the movie; for me, the movie was not that fascinating (I did not like the camera angles), but I liked the motor bike, which I thought had been annihilated.  I found the motor bike is called “moped”. We used to make a lot of mopeds in Japan, too, but they are not manufactured any more. When I arrived in Kofu four years ago, I saw one moped in a Vespa shop.  The moped, Piaggio Ciao,  looked very nice, and I bought it.  It … Continue reading

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