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Working after a break

I am supposed to finish a document of my project on the 30th. The meeting of it waits for me on the 31st in Tokyo. Therefore, after the break in Nagano last weekend, I restarted working at the desk in front of my computer. It was a hot day. I sweat when I came back home for lunch by bike. Then I started working.

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Marsh in Mt. Nyukasa

We had breakfast at my parents’ second house, returned the key to Mom, and left Shimosuwa. We headed for Fujimi Panarama Resort in Fujimi, Nagano.  When we got there, there were outdoor jazz concerts. Last time, we took a gondola to the top of Mt. Nyukasa, while this time, we tried a free bus ride for visitors. It took 40 minutes to the apex station by bus on a very narrow road. Sort of scary. We hiked around the marsh on the mountain.    There were many highland flowers. We enjoyed a very good climate. On the way back down, there were many people waiting for the bus. We had to make a … Continue reading

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Lectures started

From 9 AM, I opened the seminar with remarks for 15 min,  Then, we had two lectures in the morning. It was a bit clouded but was very pleasant. During the lunch time, I went out to take pictures.     Hotel Koumi RE-EX is on Koumi Highland, Nagano. The altitude is 1,452 m. In the evening, students and young scientist gave poster presentations till 11 PM over a drink. Katya arrived back in Kofu. She is now with Maya-san. We talked over a phone.

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Participants increasing

From the end of August to the early September, I will chair a scientific seminar in Nagano. Many Asian researchers decided to come, fewer Americans and Europeans.  Japanese researchers and students are much fewer than last year, partly because of the earthquake. My colleagues and I called and sent e-mails, and today the number of the participant from the outside of our university raised up to 43. I hope there will be more than 50 people. It was less hot today.  I have been doing without an air conditioner in my office this summer.  I think I am getting used to it.

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Fujimi Panorama Resort Area in Mount Nyukasa

I am a Starbucks stock holder.  The company gives me two complimentary drink tickets per year. In the morning, we went to Starbucks for breakfast.  I had ordered a booklet of Tanka, a form of Japanese poem, written by a French poet, and it arrived yesterday.  I started reading it. It was more interesting than I expected.  I will read through and will write about it. It was a hot day again.  We drove to Fujimi Panorama Resort Aria in Mt. Nyukasa in Nagano prefecture. From the foot of the mountain, we took a gondola. The gondolas are used for skiers during winter.  It ran very fast up near to … Continue reading

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Helping parents in Shimosuwa, Nagano

Fortunately for my parents, Nagano prefecture was not damaged by the quake. Today, I woke up, took Maya-san out, and drove out alone with mini first to TSUTAYA to return DVDs and to Shimosuwa to see my parents.  It took one and a half hours to there. They needed my help to clean up the store house and to prepare the annual documentation. I had big lunch and dinner mother made. I went back home. It is 8:30 PM now, and Katya and I are watching Sharapova vs. Petkovic.

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Saturday Work

In the morning, students in the institute held their research presentations, and teachers joined.  Eight students talked, one of whom is mine.  He did a good job. After the presentation, teachers stayed for a meeting ; we are going to hold a workshop next summer in Nagano.  It is a small, 4-day workshop with approximately 80 participants, and I will chair the workshop. I am stressed these days because of the works I have, and was worried about today’s meeting, too, but the schedules I proposed were accepted, which made me feel relieved. I had lunch at home, and Katya and I went to Yanase to have a break pad … Continue reading

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Winter plans

Holiday season is coming.  We have made up some plans. Dec. 11    Go to another Jazz concert held in a smaller concert hall in Kofu.  Kawashima will come again with our favorate pianist (check how he plays).  I reserved seats. Dec. 12   Have fun outside of Kofu. Dec. 25  Stay in Tateshina, Nagano. Go skiing for the first time this winter. Dec. 31 – Jan. 3  Stay in Karuizawa, Nagano.  Go skiing, eat good food, stay up late. Jan. 7  Celebrate Russian Christmas. Feb. 19  Stay in Tateshina and celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Wish us luck.

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Nagasaki Champon

My parents living in Shimosuwa are both 77 years old and very healthy.  Last week, they made a five-day trip to Kyushu, a Southern major island. When I was out, their souvenirs of Kyushu arrived with the vegetables my father cultivated. When I returned home, Katya surved me a bowl of noodles.  I was surprised to find that it was Nagasaki Champon.  It was one of the souvenirs from my parents, and Katya cooked it for me.  It tasted good. Katya did not have champon; she bought 3 kg of mandarins in the morning and had most of them.

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Fled from Yamanashi

It was 37 C yesterday in Kofu, so we decided to move to my parents’ house in Shimosuwa, Nagano.  Katya took these pictures. Maya-san watched outside for our safety. Today, we first went to Kirigamine area.  Green was a bit faded probably because of the heat. In a parking lot of Piratus Rope way, there was a Super Seven meeting. Then, we moved to the Tokyu Tateshina resort area, a big resort area with hotels, cottages, restaurants, ski field, golf field, tennis courts, etc. Maya-san dug a hole in a dog-run. We had lunch. We played tennis on a private tennis court. After coming back home, I cooked tuna and … Continue reading

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