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Second day of the conference

In the morning, I did not have my suit yet. After the morning talks, I went back to the hotel. My suit was there from Nagoya Station. So in the afternoon, I was wearing it. From 6 PM, there was a party for the participants. I met a lot of my old friends there.

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First day of the conference

I woke up and called to Nagoya station, asking about my suitcase left in a bullet train. “Sorry, the store room opens at 1 PM”. I did not know why they close it till afternoon, but I told them that I would call again in the afternoon. I had breakfast and left the hotel. I walked to the convention center “ACT CITY HAMAMATSU“. The problem was that I was going to chair the first four talks at the conference in the morning. A student of my institute let me use his jacket, so I did not look so humble as a chairman. I stayed listening to the presentations in the … Continue reading

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Last day in Nagoya

“Hotel Trusty Nagoya” promotes an environmental preservation.  If the guest agrees to use the same towels, for example, they give him/her discounts. I used the same toothbrush, comb, towels, and razor to earn 1,000-yen ticket. I upgraded my breakfast and ordered a glass of orange juice using the ticket. Today was the last day of the conference held in WINC AICHI. Three students and one professor talked today. I was in a different hall and did not listen to them. Professors say they did well. I left Nagoya at 4 PM. I arrived in Kofu a quarter to eight.  Katya picked me up at the station with Maya-san.  Katya said … Continue reading

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Second Day – Great Nagoya –

My student did a good job in his presentation. He will be graduated in March 2012 and is already looking for his future job.  We had lunch together with a guy working for Toyota, which is originally a Nagoya company.  Having lunch together guarantees nothing.  I told my students to ask many questions at the conference to impress the Toyota guy.  Yes, he did ask many questions.  But it does not guarantee anything, either. The economy is still bad.  He needs to try as much as he can. Nagoya is a kitsch place.  Foods are good, but they are kitsch (hard to explain).  They name things differently, too. I had … Continue reading

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First day of conference in Nagoya

This time, seven students and nine professors joined the conference, a major one for us.  Three students finished their presentations successfully. We had a party in a restaurant in the evening.  Everybody joined, so it was a big dinner. So far so good.  A student I am taking care of will talk tomorrow.

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Business Trip to Nagoya

Katya asked me to take a haircut before going to Nagoya to make me look a bit neat.  I could not because a student came to ask me questions just before the departure. I do not care about my hair style, but I will have my hair cut yesterday in Nagoya. I did not take a bullet train, but took rapid trains to save money.  I arrived at “Hotel Trusty Nagoya” at 10PM. It is a simple hotel, but I stayed here because I am a member of the hotel as usual, which makes the hotel fees cheaper. The conference starts tomorrow.  I will not make a presentation this time, … Continue reading

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Waterfalls breathed out by dragon

We went to Kiyosato today. Reckless Maya-san looking down from a bridge. “Doryu no Taki” or “Doryu Waterfall” is the one we like.   Since Maya-san’s leg was a bit weak today, we did not go up for a hiking.  It would have been wonderful up there. We drove to “Kiyosato no mori“.  Katya took many pictures. Maya-san did her job. For dinner, Katya and I used a 19% discount coupon at “Tokube”. Then we played tennis for one hour in “Yamanashi Youth Center“. It was a busy weekend again.  Tomorrow, I leave for Nagoya for a business trip.

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Students’ rehearsal all day

From Tuesday to Thursday next week, there will be a conference in Nagoya.  Seven students and one professor will be presenting their results.  I will join them. Today was the rehearsal day. From 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM, teachers sat and listened to them.  I was one of them. It was a long day.  I am tired. Now I am back home, posting this article after the dinner. Tomorrow is a holiday.  I am very glad about it.

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