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Final Day in Honolulu, Back to Japan

I woke up at 7 AM in the morning. I have no work today. I walked around Hilton Hawaiian Village. There was a tiny zoo in the hotel. I saw penguins in the pool. I walked out to the beach (for the first time in this trip). I went into a small restaurant to have breakfast.    After breakfast, I walked by the beach to see Diamond Head. I walked in the water, too.    Then I walked back to the hotel. This was all my vacation this time. I packed my bags, checked out, and left Hilton at 11 PM. It took 30 min to the airport. After the … Continue reading

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Narita Airport to Hawaii

I left Kofu at 2 PM and arrived at Narita airport at 6 PM. Now I am waiting in a hall. I will be leaving in an hour. I have not finished with the presentation slides. I will work on them in the plane.

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Upgraded Me

In the morning, I was working in my office for the invited talk in a conference held in Seoul from August 16 to 18 At 2:30 PM, I said good bye to Katya and Maya-san, leaving for Narita Airport. I arrived at the airport at 5:30 PM. I was then working in the lounge. When I was about to be on board, I handed my boarding pass to a man. The man scanned it on a machine, and a red light on the machine lit.  Did I do something wrong? “Thank you for flying Delta. You are upgraded to the Business Class”. This happened to me for the first time. … Continue reading

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Katya is back in Kofu

Katya called me from Narita Airport before 3 PM. She safely arrived back. She said she was going to take a bus to Kofu leaving at 4:20 PM. At 8 PM, Maya-san and I picked up Katya at Kofu Station. Wasn’t Maya-san excited! Katya looked very healthy and stronger than when she had left Kofu in the mid of the heat. Oh, I was glad to see her smile. It was a short trip but it was worth for her. Katya brought chocolates. Chocolates in Russia is delicate and good. Katya also brought a bottle of kvass. I had kvass when I first visited her in Vladivostok. The taste reminded … Continue reading

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Katya left home for Vladivostok

In the morning, I took Maya-san out for a walk while Katya was preparing for the departure. I drove Katya to Kofu station.  Maya-san was not with us because Katya did not want to let her down. We took breakfast together at “Vie de France“. Then, Katya took a bus to Narita airport. We said good-bye on the cell phone around 4:30 PM, and Katya left for Vladivostok. I took Maya-san for an evening walk at 6 PM. It became cooler, but after the walk, Maya-san asked a shower to cool her down. Katya safely arrived in Vladivostok. We talked on skype; I was able to listen to Katya clearly, … Continue reading

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