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Tiring Sunday by cleaning up around the apartments

I normally wake up late on Sunday mornings, but today, before 7 AM as usual, because there was scheduled a clean-up around the apartments by the residents themselves; there are a lot of these occasions in Japan. The cleaning started at 8 AM. We cleaned the ditch and took off weeds. We made up piles of bags filled with weeds. I took a shower again. For lunch, we walked down Takeda Street. We arrived at a Nepali restaurant, “New Mahal“, where Katya took a ladies’ set and I a lunch buffet.    Mariya was a good girl as usual. I wish that the buffet curries were more spicy. After coming … Continue reading

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Curry party

In the morning, I brought a full pot of curry to the institute’s dining room by mini, and put it in the refrigerator. After my English lesson, I started a curry party in the dining room. I invited nine students, including the Chinese student from France,  and one young researcher not yet married. I had asked students to buy some drinks and nan at New Mahal. The party started after 6:30 PM. It was a pleasant dinner with a lot of conversation. They seemed to enjoyed the curry. It is a pity I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will make them chili in winter.

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Gusto, Shosenkyo, and New Mahal on Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Gusto as usual.    I read a newspaper and Katya a book. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Shosenkyo Valley  for a walk.       The green was young and beautiful. Katya and I had dinner at New Mahal.    I asked a Nepali waiter in Japanese to make my curry spicy.  He was mistaken and made my chicken curry much less spicy. Boy, wasn’t I disappointed.  However, since he was not a Japanese, I thought it was partly my fault. The curry was not very good for me, but I ate them all. The waiter was very pleasant. We … Continue reading

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Rainy Sunday in Kofu

It rained all day in Kofu. We stayed home except for a buffet lunch in “New Mahal“. The price is very reasonable, but we wished it was a bit more spicy. Other than that, we rested calm.

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Two interviews

From 10:30 AM, there was an interview of a Thai student graduating from a university in Kyoto. He did a good presentation. Hopefully, he will be working together with us from April. From 11:40 AM, there was another interview, this time of a Vietnamese student trying to study in our university for a PhD degree. He did not do well as expected, but he still has a chance to be accepted. Katya and I had lunch at New Mahal. Nans were served right after baked, and they were very good.

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Walk in Kofu on January 2nd

We are still on New Year holidays. In the afternoon, everyone went for a walk in the mountain.    A good view of the city of Kofu. We had a long two-hour walk. Then we drove to TSUTAYA to rent DVDs. Maya-san kept home, while Katya and I had dinner in New Mahal.    It was good to have spicy curry on a cold day. After coming home, Katya and I watched a DVD entitled “Never laugh in this police department!“, a comedy.

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Arrogant bureaucrat

For lunch, Katya and I walked to New Mahal for a curry buffet. During the lunch time, they do not make curries hot. Other than that, the buffet was satisfactory. After lunch, I talked with the bureaucrat about the project budgets. He talked in a very typical arrogant bureaucratic way, which made me very irritated. How can a person be so arrogant (and I know that he does not consider him as arrogant)? In the evening, Katya and I played tennis. I hit balls as if they were him.

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Nishizawa Valley, Yamanashi

Last time we tried Nishizawa Valley, it rained heavily. It was clouded today, but we dared to go there again. A four-hour round walk was recommended.  Being anxious about her back, we carried Maya-san mainly in a bag and only saw a quarter of it (unfortunately, we took the same route back). It was a pleasant place.  Water was extremely clear. The air was fresh. It was a good exercise, too. When arriving back at our apartment, we felt hungry. We took dinner at New Mahal. For soup, we ordered Tom Yam Kung.  The taste was OK, but it was modified from that of genuine Thai food. We enjoyed the dinner, … Continue reading

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Snowy National Foundation Day

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday in Japan. Katya and I woke up at 7 PM in the morning. Katya was going to the Russian embassy in Tokyo for the renewal of her passport. When we saw outside, it was snowing as forecast. Katya had a cup of coffee, and I took her to Kofu station. I left her and went back home. I took Maya-san out for a walk.  Then I went to my office to fetch my homeworks.  The institute was covered with snow. I worked with my laptop.  Maya-san took a nap by me. In the afternoon, I went out with a car. First I went … Continue reading

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Today is Coming-of-Age Day, a national holiday. We went to Coffee Tonya to buy coffee, tea, and sweats. We had dinner at New Mahal. We went to D2 DIY shop and bought some pieces of wood to make a new shelf. We put Katya’s Beetle and an ivy pot. We even played tennis between 7 and 9 PM. Katya and I fully dressed up for winter tennis.  It was about 3 C, but there was no wind and we enjoyed it.

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