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Nishizawa Valley, Taizan Hanten, Gusto

Young scientists visited our institute in the morning, and I showed them around. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Nishizawa Valley in Yamanashi city. The temperature in Kofu was higher than 30 degree C today, but in the mountain, it lowered to 24 degree.      It was cool and pleasant. Maya-san found something “real” under the ground. She dug, barked, tried to bite it, and sometimes jumped back. It could be a snake. I took Maya-san out from the hole. We arrived at Okubo Waterfall. We then returned. On the way back home, we dropped by “JA (Japan Agriculture Co-operatives) Fruits Yamanashi”, a vegetable and fruit … Continue reading

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Nishizawa Valley, Yamanashi

Last time we tried Nishizawa Valley, it rained heavily. It was clouded today, but we dared to go there again. A four-hour round walk was recommended.  Being anxious about her back, we carried Maya-san mainly in a bag and only saw a quarter of it (unfortunately, we took the same route back). It was a pleasant place.  Water was extremely clear. The air was fresh. It was a good exercise, too. When arriving back at our apartment, we felt hungry. We took dinner at New Mahal. For soup, we ordered Tom Yam Kung.  The taste was OK, but it was modified from that of genuine Thai food. We enjoyed the dinner, … Continue reading

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Nishizawa Valley

In the afternoon, Katya drove Maya-san and me to Nishizawa Valley near Kofu by smart. When we left our apartment, it started raining, but still very lightly. When we got to the valley, the rain became heavier. It rained harder and harder. It could have been the heaviest rain this year. Unfortunately, right from the entrance, we had to go back to our apartment. After coming back to our apartment, the rain got weaker and eventually stopped. We took some rest and went to the TSUTAYA video shop to rent DVD’s. I rent”Falling in Love” and “On the Beach“.  I bought a tennis magazine, “Smash“, too. On the way back … Continue reading

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