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Rainy season arrived

After the typhoon the day before yesterday, the sky became very clear and it was hot yesterday. Today, from the morning, it rained on and off. The rainy season has arrived in Japan. In a way it is good because the cool summer is not only good for Katya, but also we can save the energy. In the Kansai area of Japan, the electricity company is planning to run up the nuclear power plants. It is very interesting to see how people will react in the middle of summer; will they stop their air conditioners or they will chose an extra energy?

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Texas Select returns

I have bought 72 cans of Texas Select, an imported non-alcoholic beer. The taste is comparable to ordinary beers, while the price is low because of no alcohol tax. Katya and I started to drink them. However, we do not know whether we drink them all this summer, as the summer this year seems not the hottest. It is good because all nuclear power plants have shut down now. If the temperature goes too high, blackouts could happen. The scheduled power shut-down was carried out in Kofu last year. It was not only inconvenient but was also depressing in this modern society. We hope that the summer keeps mild this … Continue reading

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