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Budget inspection inside the university

My 3.5-year project has already passed a year; there are two and a half more years. This afternoon, there was a budget inspection of the university; two officers from the main office came to our institute, and one officer in our institute and I welcomed them in a room. The two officers asked how I am choosing items to buy and how the officers of the institute are ordering them. Then they came to the lab to check what I had bought. It was not a national inspection, but I was a bit worried and relieved when they told me things seemed OK.

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Happy One Day Old, Mariya

I left the office at 5 PM to see Katya and Mariya. The streets were crowded on the way to the hospital. I saw Mariya in a treatment room with a nurse. She brought Mariya on a cart into Katya’s room. Mariya looked mature for a one-day old girl. Katya and I played with her. She grabbed our fingers.    Mariya looks as if she already knew everything!

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Day after the stay in Honolulu

The pill made me well asleep. Luckily, the jet lag did not suffer me very much today because the stay was short. I was, although, sleepy all day because I was tired. Three companies visited me. Then, I checked e-mails to settle down the things left. I left the office at 8 PM as usual. Katya made pizzas by herself. It was fun to have her handmade pizzas. Back to normal.

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Submitting a paper

I arrived at my office at 1 AM, and I started working on the manuscript. First, I was trying to combine the manuscript and the figures in one document, and …. boy, why on earth does it happen? When I pasted a figure, for example, WORD started to create thousands of vacant pages until I undid the procedure. After I checked the manuscript, the content was changed, so unbelievable! I tried again and again to obtain broken manuscript each time. I scanned viruses to find nothing. Maybe the program or the computer is broken. I went back home, took a rest, and in the afternoon, I started retrying. I changed … Continue reading

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Still a hot October day

Today is October 2, but was still humid and hot. The highest temperature reached 28 degree C. In the university, air conditioners were not allowed to be used any more in order to save the energy, so I fully opened up the windows. I sweated in the office while working in front of the computer. I finished up another paper today. I am working hard before going to Hawaii.

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Real estate meeting in Tokyo

It is Saturday today. There was an annual meeting of the owners of the Shibakoen apartment. It started in Shinjuku at 1 PM. We discussed the reduction of the managing costs of the building. It ended at 2:30 PM. I managed to take an express to Kofu leaving at 3 PM. I arrived at Kofu station at 4:30 PM. I walked to the institute for working.

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Report arrives, Toray Pan Pacific Open

I received an e-mail telling that the report had arrived at the office in Tokyo. Relieved. I sent an electric version by e-mail. I left the office at 8 PM as usual. Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament, was on TV, which is the largest ladies tennis tournament in Japan. Sharapova has already left the tournament, which is not a good news both for me and Katya.

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Report finished

I woke up at 1:30 AM and went to my office.  Then I started working on the report due tomorrow. I came back home at 7 AM and took Maya-san for a walk. Then I went back to my office. I started working again. I had lunch I brought from home, Then I started working again. I finished the document at 3 PM. I called to a delivery company to pass the document to be delivered to Tokyo. After coming back home, Katya put another live rock into the fish tank. The atmosphere is getting ready for welcoming a crab or somthing.

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Working for the trip to Izu

Tomorrow, Katya and I will leave Kofu for Izu. I want to finish my job not to think of it during the trip, so I am working late today in the office. I will finish it after midnight.

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Rain in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kofu

My parents have come back from a five-day trip around Hokkaido and Tohoku. They did not take planes but took trains all the way. I called my mother on the phone. They seemed to have enjoyed the trip. Unfortunately, it was raining during their whole trip, she said. In the evening in Kofu, it started raining cats and dogs. When I was about to leave the office back home, the rain stopped, so I rode a bike. It started raining again on the way back home. I got all wet.

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