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Welcome Party and Cooking Curry

There was a small party at the institute’s dining room. About 20 researchers got together to welcome three new comers. The party started at 6 PM. They were drinking and having fun. I asked Katya on the phone to come pick me up to Ogino, a super market; I invited my students to a curry dinner the day after tomorrow after my English lesson, and I wanted to buy the ingredients for curry. Katya arrived before 8 PM with Maya-san. We left the institute for Ogino. These are the ones I bought for chicken curry. The most difficult ones to find are spices, which I have already purchased on the … Continue reading

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Furoen on Vernal Equinox Day

Today is Vernal Equinox Day, a holiday. In the morning, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast.    We went back home, picked Maya-san up, and headed for Furoen as scheduled. We used two Ogino coupons for a free entry.    The Ume blossoms were at their best.    Small shops were there to provide with foods and drinks. We took a cup of amazake drink. We walked up the hill.       It was a pleasant walk except Maya-san who needed some free run. Katya and I took Maya-san to Pet Field for her beauty care. I looked her through the window. She was OK with the lady but did … Continue reading

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Quick blackout by a thunder

I gave Maya-san dinner at 5:30 PM, took her out for a walk, and I came back to my office to work. In front of my computer, I noticed a flash outside and a short blackout; it was a thunder. And the computer became unable to be connected to the internet. So I got out of the office at 7 PM, a bit earlier than usual. I decided to go to Ogino, a supermarket, to get some salad.  It has been four months since I went there last time after the quake. It was not lit outside. The inside was naturally darker to save the energy, but bright enough. It … Continue reading

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She is the Dog Whisperer

In the morning on the way to my office, I took a picture of cherry blossoms  almost ending.  New green leaves appear to tell summer is coming closer. Yes, the temperature went up to 25 C today.  I could have gone with a T-shirt. Katya was asked to come to her Ukrainian friend’s house in Shimosuwa.  The friend bought a Belgium Shepherd, the first doggy friend in her life.  It is still a baby boy and very active. He seems friendly, but she does not know how to treat him.  So Katya went to help her. I came back alone for lunch to find Maya-san having had a small party.  … Continue reading

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Final Snow

I was thinking that the snow on March 7 was the last one. I think this snow IS the last one. Today, Katya found no bottled water and less foods in Ogino Supermarket.

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In Kofu on Saturday, March 20, people play tennis

After breakfast, Katya and I went out to play tennis.  High school kids were playing tennis, too.  The highest temperature was 20 C today, so we played in T-shirts. It was nice to move our bodies. After tennis, we dropped by at Coffee Tonya.  There was enough supply, as people might not be interested in keeping coffee.  I ordered a cup of caffe macchiato to go and bought Bailey’s chocolates and Brazilian candies. For preparing dinner, I went to Ogino supermarket.  Food supply was normal, except for dairy products, because of the radioactivity found in milk produced in Fukushima. I made spaghetti for dinner. We had the wine given at … Continue reading

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Snowy National Foundation Day

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday in Japan. Katya and I woke up at 7 PM in the morning. Katya was going to the Russian embassy in Tokyo for the renewal of her passport. When we saw outside, it was snowing as forecast. Katya had a cup of coffee, and I took her to Kofu station. I left her and went back home. I took Maya-san out for a walk.  Then I went to my office to fetch my homeworks.  The institute was covered with snow. I worked with my laptop.  Maya-san took a nap by me. In the afternoon, I went out with a car. First I went … Continue reading

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