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Locked out, Rejected, Sushi

In the morning, I took Smart to take Maya-san out for a walk, then, Katya left home by bike for teaching English. I left the key inside! I found it out when Katya arrived at the class.  I called her, but it was too late.  There was nothing to do except taking Maya-san for a longer walk; so I did. Maya-san enjoyed a morning digging very much. I went to the real-estate office to borrow a master key. At 8:30 AM, I got the key. I went back to the apartment quickly, left Maya-san inside, and returned to the office to have the key back. After I finally arrived in my … Continue reading

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Earthquake, Dohshinboh by mini, Submission of a paper

At about 7:40 AM, there was an earthquake. Although it was a Saturday morning, Katya woke up. Maya-san kept sleeping. I soon understood that the earthquake itself might not be a big one because the frequency of the shake was high. Even though, the vibration was rather large, meaning that the location of the earthquake might be close to Kofu. The quake stopped, and restarted twice. Katya check the news by her iPad.; the epicenter was near Kofu, close to Mt. Fuji. The magnitude was 5.5, so it was not a big earthquake. Then I went to school to work. At 1 PM, Katya and I met at the parking … Continue reading

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Preparing an important paper

I have been working on a scientific paper today. I obtained very important experimental results, and another professor simulated the results by computation. It has become a very beautiful paper. We decided to submit it to a famous, prestigious journal in that area. It is my first time to try the journal. Since the journal is of a high class, they (arrogantly) demand many details of the format. Therefore, I have been checking and modifying the paper. It is almost done. I will submit it tomorrow.

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Graduation season

Students are getting ready for the graduation. A master degree student is busy with his thesis. He modified an apparatus himself for new experiments. He has gotten good results, which will be published in a paper. A bachelor course student is working hard for his last experiments. He is very smart. He has decided to go for his master’s and carry out experiments with me. I hope he will keep studying and try to accomplish his doctor’s, too. In the afternoon, juniors came to our institute to start carrying out their preliminary experiments. They will join the group from April. It is the time for the regeneration.

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Paper to be revised

After the PhD defenses and the following party last evening, I received an e-mail this morning. I had submitted a paper to a scientific journal, one of the coworkers of which is the PhD student. Two reviewers gave us comments in the e-mail. One of them favored our paper very much, who accepted to publish it with no change or modification. The other reviewer was interested in the results, but he proposed a completely difficult interpretation. We know that he is mistaken, so we will slightly modify the manuscript and send them a letter telling our points.

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Holidays started

Workdays are over. I was, however,  finishing a small scientific paper till 4 PM at home. I had submitted it online. Katya and I were planning to play tennis today, but found out the courts are closed during the New Year holidays. So we went out for a walk with Maya-san around Ryugaike Lake.    After the walk, we drove to “Fish Land Ishihara“. We bought two flying foxes. Katya dropped me off at a barber shop. I had my hair cut (too) short. I walked back home. On the way, I dropped by Avalon, a cake shop, to buy some cake. Katya and I had the cake for dinner. Katya was … Continue reading

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Final Work Day of the Year 2011

Today is December 28, the last working day of this year. I needed to work as efficiently as possible not to leave my duties during the holidays. Therefore, I did not go back home for lunch this afternoon; instead, Katya brought a lunch box for me. I have finished a long scientific paper with a collaboration of an American professor working together in the same institute. He also helped me with correcting English of another paper.  I am finishing the latter paper now at home. I have not written New-Year cards yet. It will take some more time. When I have done with the cards, I will be ready for … Continue reading

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Za Cherry Christmas! – December 24, 2011 -

Today is Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve. I worked till 5:30 PM and finished a paper. I came back home and directly went to downtown with Katya. We took a light meal at Starbucks. Then we went to an art theater, “Sakura-za“, meaning “Theatre (Za) Cherry (Sakura)”, for a Christmas Eve concert “Za Cherry Christmas!”. The program was given at the entrance.    I like the artistic interior and atmosphere, which Kayta does not care too much. Bar/Lounge, where people are allowed to smoke freely, brings us back to the 60′s. The inside of the theater is kept as an old Japanese one for classic plays. There are two thick, … Continue reading

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Chinese Hotpot

Katya made a Chinese hotpot with rice for dinner. It was very good! Katya said that it is too watery, but I did not feel the same way. The pot was like gukbap, a Korean rice soup. It is midnight now. I am writing a paper in my office.

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Working Monday

I arrived at the institute at 7:30 AM. I started working. First, I had some tedious things to be done.  Then I started writing a paper. When writing a paper, I need to concentrate myself only on writing. I need to be in my own time and space. It was a pity I had a class today to teach. Although I have not finished the paper, I made a progress. I felt good. I returned home. Katya grilled chicken and potatoes, which was tasty.

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