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A big slide

Katya and Mariya went to a park to try a big slide. Katya told me Mariya liked it.      

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Cacti and Beach in Izu

We had breakfast in the hotel and headed for Izu Shaboten Park (Izu Cactus Park). It is a park combining a cactus garden and a zoo. Katya grows cacti and wanted to go there, but I was not expecting very much. Katya was right. It is a cactus park with a history of 50 years, and cacti from all over the world were collected. Big and different.    Funny thing was a place for “Cactus Hunting”. Cacti were planted in the field, and the visitors pick whatever they want to buy them.    After visiting the park, we drove all the way down to Yumigahama Beach in Shimoda city.  Surfers … Continue reading

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Shinjuku morning

Kinuya Hotel provides with Japanese or Western breakfast. We chose Western.    It was a big one. We walked around Ueno park. A group of people were exercising, as if they were in China. We moved to Shinjuku and walked around the city.    We had a light lunch. We left Shnjuku at 3 PM for Shimosuwa.  We arrived at my parents’ before 6 PM. As I entered the entrance, Maya-san came out from the dining room, jumped and kissed at me, and ran back. When she saw Katya, Maya-san was excited, too. We took a tea and drove back to Kofu.

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Rather relaxing day

I woke up in the morning and got out of my room.    I took a walk around the hotel. There was a small, cozy park just in front of the hotel. I found a cathedral.    I looked for a restaurant for breakfast. I found a Starbucks, so I took a coffee and a sandwich outside; the temperature was still high enough to go without a sweater. The I took trains to Westin for listening to the talks. For lunch, I walked to the South Station, because I the atmosphere pleased me. I took a Chinese dish out and had it in the station. In the afternoon, I continued listening … Continue reading

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