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Institute Lodging, May 2012

An institute lodging in Yamanakako Village is held every year. This year, about 80 people joined. We left the institute by bus at 5 PM and arrived at the hotel, “Resort Inn Ai“, before 7 PM. The lobby looked nice.    However, the inside was an ordinary Japanese lodge for students. The party started at 7:30 PM. In order to save money, we brought in Hors-d’œuvre and sushi. The party ended at 9:30 PM, but many students and teachers stayed, talking and drinking till the morning came. I took a bath, and went to sleep at midnight with two other professors in the same room.

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Wedding in Tokiwa Hotel, Kofu

I left home for Tokiwa Hotel, the most prestigious hotel in Kofu,  for the wedding. It was built in 1929. When I was taking a picture of the front view of the building, I was asked by an employee of the hotel to post an article on the blog if I have one (for a free commercial, of course). I said yes I have one and I would. When I entered the hotel, I was astonished by the Japanese garden seen through the big windows of the lobby. The wedding was held in the garden, which was a perfect idea, except that the temperature in Kofu raised up to 30 degree … Continue reading

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Another welcome party

I think Japanese drink together a lot. This could be because that we are very suppressed by the society and that drinking together releases the tension. The rule: “When drinking, any talk is forgiven and forgotten” . There was another party to welcome newcomers to our research group. I think that  the welcome parties are too many this year, but I joined today’s party only to show my face. It was held at “Bang Bang“.       The party started at 8 PM. I sneaked out before 9 PM and left for home.

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First general project meeting in Kyoto

Although I came back from China, my trip was not over. I woke up at 2 AM and rode my bike to my office; today there would be the first general meeting of my project with all the researchers involved in from three universities and three companies. I started preparing my talks with my desktop, which ended at 6 AM. I came back home, saying hello and good by to Katya and Maya-san. I took my bike to the station. I left Kofu at 8 AM for Kyoto. The meeting started at 1 PM at Shimadzu Co. and ended at 4:30 PM. All results presented were good and satisfactory to … Continue reading

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Start of the new school year

This evening, we had a spring party of our institute. All students and staffs, more than 100 people in all, got together in the school cafeteria. It started at 5:30 PM. I sneaked out to work for the forum in China. A student of mine organizing the party came to my office at 8:30 PM. We talked about his tomorrow’s presentation introducing a review article. I arrived home at 10 PM. After I finish this post, I will go to sleep.

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Second day of the conference

In the morning, I did not have my suit yet. After the morning talks, I went back to the hotel. My suit was there from Nagoya Station. So in the afternoon, I was wearing it. From 6 PM, there was a party for the participants. I met a lot of my old friends there.

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Chocolates again and Farewell Party #2

A bachelor student of mine, who traveled in Australia, came back and brought me a box of chocolates for a souvenir. He seemed to have enjoyed his graduation trip. This evening, another research group I am involved in invited me to a graduation party at Domadoma near Kofu Station. There were about 20 students.    The party started at 7:30 PM, and I left it at 8:40 PM. The graduation is scheduled on March 22. New students are coming from April.

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Farewell Party #1 on White Day

One of the research groups invited me to a graduation party at Monojiya in front of Kofu Station. I went there for the first time. It was decorated in an old way.    Nearly 30 people joined the party. Today is White Day in Japan, when a guy sends a girl present. This year, I gave Katya a Starbucks’ portable coffee mug.

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Students were awarded

From 5 PM this evening, there was a party for the bachelors and masters who are getting their degrees. Awards were given to those students who performed good presentations. The master student of mine received the 4th out of 60, and the bachelor student the 2nd out of 70. Wasn’t I proud of them! I helped them a lot, which was rewarded.  

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Second presentation day and Valentine’s day

The second day of the presentation for the master’s degree started from 9 AM. Today is special; my student is presenting. At 10 AM, the student started a 20-min presentation followed by 10-min questions & answers. I chaired. He was very nervous and did not look confident. I became nervous, too. After the presentation, the professors of a wide range of field started to ask questions. I became more nervous. To my surprise, the student did not answer well; he did EXCELLENT. He understood what the professors were trying to ask and answered perfectly! I was thrilled. From 3:40 PM, there was the final oral examination. This time, two professors … Continue reading

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