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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Cherry blossoms on Takeda street were not in bloom yesterday. They survived, thus,  against the hard wind. Today, it was very shiny, and the buds started to be open. These days, I normally take Maya-san out for the evening walk because of Katya’s pollen allergy. I took pictures of the evening blossoms.    By the way, the nose drops are working on Katya.

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Very windy day in Japan

Katya and I went to see an otorhinolaryngologist (I found this word in the dictionary) for her pollen allergy. He gave her a prescription. We bought some nose drops. See how they work. Not so in Kofu surrounded by mountains, but in other parts of Japan, it was very windy, or the windiest ever; trains and plains all stopped. Cherry petals in the southern areas are gone. We are expecting a cold day tomorrow. Maya-san hates bad weathers. Katya told me she had a hard time taking her out. I will take Maya-san out this evening after finishing this post. I am normally very gentle to Maya-san, but when it comes … Continue reading

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3.11 in 2012: One year after the dissaster

After having blini for breakfast, Katya and I went to a “YAMADA” electric shop to buy an air purifier for Katya’s pollen allergy. They recommended a Sharp or a Panasonic, and we chose Sharp, which is now being advertised on TV. After coming home, I turned on the TV to watch the national memorial ceremony of the disaster.  Emperor presented himself after his heart surgery. He did a good talk (I am against the Japanese Emperor system, but I think he is a balanced person). At 2:46 PM, we paid one-minute silent prayer to the victims. Although I am an atheist, I quietly thought of them. I think the disaster has changed … Continue reading

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Mostly Healthy Sunday

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I took mini and went to the parking lot of Hotel Yogai. There is a good walking course from the hotel.  We left mini and started walking. We have been suffering from the pollen allergy of Japanese cedar, and the mountain was full of the trees.  However, we did not feel anything any more.  The rain yesterday must have washed out the pollens from the trees onto the ground. We enjoyed walking. In the afternoon, we went to EST Tennis School to join a trial lesson.  It was OK with me.  For Katya, the indoor courts were too dusty and she needed more basic … Continue reading

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Spring Sushi

We went to Tokube on Tokube day, or the 19th, for 19% discount coupon. They served sushi of spring. First bonito of the season and sea bream. Halfbeak. They even served bamboo sushi. It has been a rainy day.  We felt no pollen today.  Probably, the season of pollen allergy is ending.

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Night Tennis on Sunday (as usual)

Today, pollen was flowing all around Kofu. In the morning, Katya and I watched “Dog Whisperer” over breakfast.  We think that Ceser Millan sometimes simply makes Jack a dull dog, but this morning, I found that there are many things I can learn from him. In the afternoon, Katya and I went to buy a new washing machine; an ex-student of mine gave me a washing machine nearly 20 years ago, which has been still working.  Recently,  the spin-drying does not working well, so we decided to buy one. We chose a SANYO.  I am sorry for the company, which was producing good products but was integrated into Panasonic.  I … Continue reading

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Thai Restaurant and Ophthalmological Clinic

Katya had itchy eyes because of the pollen allergy and I needed new disposable contact lenses, so we decided to go to see an ophthalmologist. On the way to the clinic, we checked out a Thai restaurant, Chohkdee, for lunch. Katya ordered a green curry set and I, a pad Thai noodle set.  1,500 yen per person seemed a little expensive for lunch, but the quantity was satisfactory. It was a neat Thai restaurant.  Katya thought it was too fancy for an ethnic restaurant.  The tastes were also too mild for her.  I thought the taste was not very spicy, either, but I liked the fancy atmosphere of the restaurant. … Continue reading

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Surviving Allergy

After I took a pill last night after dinner over a glass of wine, I fell deep asleep.  I woke up midnight; I started working on the tax report.  I stayed up all night. In the morning, after taking a shower, Katya and I went to Starbucks for breakfast.  I used a complimentary coupon. I ordered a venti caramel macchiato (because it is free!) and Katya, a short espresso and a tall cappuccino.  We had wraps, a sandwich, and a scone. After breakfast, we went to play tennis for two hours. Surprisingly, I did not feel any allergy.  The medicine, not only having made me sleepy, keeps me from feeling … Continue reading

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smart Back / Pollen Allergy / Tax Report

I worked only for a short time this morning. In the afternoon, I went to Yanase to bring smart back.  They replaced the battery, and we will see how smart goes. Then I went to see a doctor at an ENT to check whether I am really allergic to pollen; Yes, I am. I had been thinking I was able to avoid the allergy, but it finally came to me.  The doctor told me that there is pollen floating more than in the usual years. After the inspection and some breathing treatment, I got medicine from a drag store. From the left, a nose spray, an eye drop, and pills.  … Continue reading

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Pollen Allergy

I sneeze.  My eyes itch. I may have a pollen allergy.  I felt something last year, but it was not this bad. I washed my nose.  I hope it will be OK with it. Katya is OK today.  I wonder why.

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