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Katya’s Birthday, August 21, 2012

After we got up, I gave Katya a small present for her birthday. I bought it in Korea and kept it. Then I took Maya-san for a morning walk (as a tiny extra birthday present), and left home. In the late afternoon, Katya came by Smart and we went together to Red Lobster. I had reserved seats for us. There were some customers even on a weekday.  We are glad because we have been worried about the withdrawal of Red Lobster from Kofu. We found that it is “Crab day” today on Tuesday, when we get some discounts. We ordered a lobster.       For Katya’s birthday, they took pictures … Continue reading

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Graduation and Final Farewell Party, 2012

It was a graduation day today. From 10 Am to 4:30 PM, people were giving speeches and diplomas, celebrating students with good grades, taking group pictures, etc. I was involved in many ceremonies. After all those, bachelors, masters, and Ph. D students, and professors took two buses and left at 5 PM for Isawa in Fuefuki city, a hot spring area.  It took 20 min from the institute. We arrived at a hotel, Keizan. It was sort of a fancy hotel. Inside the hotel, dolls for Girls’ Day were displayed. A woman was playing the Japanese harp to welcome us. The party room was of a Japanese style. The foods were good. … Continue reading

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Tokyo Stay – January 1, 2012, the Last Day

After celebrating the new year, we exchanged presents. Katya gave me a winter scarf and an ear warmer. I gave Katya a pair of gloves I bought in Odaiba yesterday. Then we went to sleep. In the morning, the hotel provided everyone with Sake. Other than that, there was nothing for celebrating a new year, which was a pity. Strings Tokyo has good rooms and spaces, but it seems to me that they lack a simple hospitality. It should be more of a hotel for businessmen. We checked out and went to Shinjuku to hang around. Then we visited my parents to celebrate a new year’s day together. The trains … Continue reading

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Plans on Christmas and New Year’s Days

Katya and I are talking about holiday plans. On December 23, we will play tennis. On (Catholic) Christmas Eve, we will go to Sakuraza for a concert (tickets already reserved). On (Catholic) Christmas, we will stay calm. On New Year’s Eve, we will go to Karuizawa and stay at Mampei Hotel. We welcomed New Year in the bar last year, and this year, we will stay in the hotel. On New Year’s Day, we will stay in XIV Karuizawa as we did this year. We will exchange presents as Russians do. Then we will celebrate New Year at my parents’. Hopefully, we will be able to sky at Hakuba area. I will … Continue reading

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Quiet Birthday

It was my birthday today. I was busy in the morning and came back home for lunch at 2 PM. Katya gave me a Hilfiger shirt and a bottle of perfume for my birthday presents. Maya-san gave me kisses. In the evening, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. It was deserted inside more than usual on a Friday evening. Waiters and waitresses were less.  On March 1, they changed the menu, increasing combos, which made the quality look lower.  Actually, as far as we noticed, the taste was not bad. Drinks. I wore the shirt Katya gave me.  We took a lot of appetizers. We shared a … Continue reading

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On Katya’s side

Just before she came to Japan at the end of April, 2007, Katya sent me from Vladivostok a black-ink drawing  she had bought in an art festival held in Beijing, with a green shirt for my birthday on April 22.  I ordered a frame for it right after I received it. So when she arrived, two artworks increased in my former apartment. After we moved to our present apartment, most of the pictures are not put on the wall, some of which I will show you with the memories.

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Our Russian Christmas Day

Today is Russian Orthodox Christmas.  We woke up and exchanged presents. I gave Katya an Adidas digital watch. Katya likes watches and Adidas, but she never had an Adidas watch.  Plus, this is her first digital watch.  I think I made a right choice. Katya gave me a pair of casual winter pants. They are light and warm.  I needed ones! I happily left home for work. I came back home for lunch.  After lunch, Katya and Maya-san said see you later from the legless chair, both taking a rest. In the evening, Katya went out for her English teaching.  Maya-san was left alone on the day of Russian Christmas, … Continue reading

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Katya and Muravej help students

I was helping a student last night. I returned home at 1:30 PM. Three students are going with me to Las Vegas.  I am daily instructing two of them. Japanese do not speak English.  Logically, neither do my students.  They are good researchers, by the way. Correcting manuscript is my work.  Katya helps them learn to speak English once a week. In spite of our efforts, presentation in English might be a bit beyond their present ability.  So I write their speech notes, and help making  their PowerPoint files.  I hope they will make good talks in Las Vegas.

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beautiful morning and rainy evening

Beautiful autumn morning!  Maya-san went out to a veranda, and took a morning sunbath. After breakfast, we decided to go to Kiyosato for Maya-san’s hole-digging.  Maya-san is an athlete, and she used to run a lot.  Now she is not allowed to run because of her weak hind legs, so hole-digging is her adequate exercise now, as far as we think; she uses only her front legs and her mouth. Kiyosato was developed as a new resort area.  When the economy was good in Japan, many people visited.  Now it is sort of deserted, but I think the place still has a potential to be popular again.  It is rather … Continue reading

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camera broken

I was using a NIKON COOL PIX L3 since I started this blog.  Nikon first sold it in February 2006. It was a birthday present to Katya.  She started using a better Nikon camera (and taking better pictures now), so she let me use it. This L3 was broken and fixed once, and was broken this time again.  I think the problem is its start button that is so easily pushed inside a bag or a pocket. I called to the Nikon service center and found out that the camera is able to be fixed till February 2011 (after its 5-year sale) and that the price is on me.  I … Continue reading

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