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Kawasaki and Doughnuts

I went to Muza Kawasaki in Kawasaki for a scientific meeting. The meeting started at 2 PM and ended at 6 PM. From Kawasaki, I took trains to Shinjuku station, where I took an express train to Kofu. At Shinjuku station, I bought doughnuts for Katya. The price was 990 yen for four, so they should be good. As my presentation went well, I took a can of beer on the train and got relaxed. On the way back home, Katya and Maya-san came to see me. Then, I realized that I left my doughnuts in the train! I called to the lost-and-found.  They found them. I will go to Kofu … Continue reading

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Project meeting held in Tokyo

I woke up at 5 AM and went to my office to prepare the slides of my presentation today for a  project meeting scheduled this afternoon in Tokyo with most of the collaborating researchers of several schools and companies. I am the leader, so I have to talk nicely. I finished the slides at 7:30 AM, and made 30 prints. I went back to my apartment, took a shower, shaved myself, and put skin cream and cologne, which is unusual (shaving, especially), to fire up myself. Katya left home for her teaching job first, and I left next for the station. Maya-san kept the apartment. I took a train leaving … Continue reading

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Document sent

Today is the day for sending preliminary results obtained in my scientific project, which started in October last year. I was working on it until 9:30 PM, then I sent it by e-mail. The document will be checked by the consultant of the project, after which I will revise and resubmit it by September 27. The interview is scheduled to be held at the end of November in front of 20 judges. Then, it will be decided whether the project continues. It is not easy. I will go to bed early; I need to wake up early to prepare the presentation tomorrow in Tokyo.

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Working all day

I left home at 7:30 Am, and started preparing for the document. A Shimadzu researcher came to help us with establishing the instrument in the lab. I came back home at 10 PM. I will work tomorrow for the document and the presentation slides.  

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First day after the summer vacation: Aquarium renewal

In the morning of the first day after the summer vacation, we had presentations of four Ph. D candidates scheduled to be graduated next spring. There were much to say to them, but totally, they were OK. In the evening after coming back home, Katya and I worked together to reset the aquarium. We cleaned up the tank. We are still keeping the fish separately outside of the tank. We will put them back in tomorrow.

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Chinese student’s presentation

In the morning, the Chinese student working with me presented his results in front of teachers and students. He did a very good presentation. He is from the mainland China, but received his master’s in France. Then he worked for two years in the US, and now is back in France again for his Ph. D. Today, I received all his data. Probably, adding some more data, we can write a paper.

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Annual managing meeting of the owners of the apartment in Nakaochiai

It is Saturday today. In the morning, there were presentations by eleven students of the first year of graduate courses.  The meeting continued till noon. Two of my students talked, and they did well. Right after the presentations, I went to Kofu Station to take trains for Honancho, Suginami, Tokyo, where was held an annual meeting of the owners of the apartment in Nakaochiai; I am representative of the owners association. In advance of the meeting, the managing company and I had discussed the topics of the meeting and sent the proxy statement to the owners. At the meeting today, I was the only one who came to the meeting; the other … Continue reading

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Developing an instrument

Three researchers from Shimadzu came to my lab this morning. They had sent all parts in advance, which arrived at the institute at 10 AM. Then the researchers started to build up the parts to make a new instrument we are developing. The development of this instrument is the aim of our governmental project. At noon, the three researchers, two students and I went to Manpuku Roh for lunch. In the afternoon, they kept building the instrument, and I came back to my office. A sophomore student was waiting for me. He was to present his electronic circuit in front of the teachers for the exam, but he had yet … Continue reading

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Saturday Meeting and Afternoon Hospital

We have students’ presentations once a month on Saturday in our institute. Today was the day. It started at 9 AM and ended at 11:45 AM. For the final talk, a German student now staying here showed what he had accomplished in his university in Denmark.  It was very interesting. In June, I am receiving a Chinese student from France. World has become small. In the afternoon, I went to see an ophthalmologist to buy my lenses.  I washed and drove my mini after a long while. It was fun. The lenses were not available, so I will go and get them next week. Then I worked till 7 PM and came back … Continue reading

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Start of the new school year

This evening, we had a spring party of our institute. All students and staffs, more than 100 people in all, got together in the school cafeteria. It started at 5:30 PM. I sneaked out to work for the forum in China. A student of mine organizing the party came to my office at 8:30 PM. We talked about his tomorrow’s presentation introducing a review article. I arrived home at 10 PM. After I finish this post, I will go to sleep.

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