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Schedules in China

The professor managing a forum in China finally sent us the information on April 13 and 14, when the forum is be held. Seven Japanese and seven Chinese researchers will be meeting. Hotel: Hejiangting Hanwen Hotel (合江亭翰文大酒店), Chengdu, Sichuan Province Registration: April 12 afternoon – April 13 morning, at hotel lobby Meeting venue: Sichuan University Lunch & dinner: April 13 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. April 13 evening, dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. April 14 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. I will be chairing a session on the morning on April 13 and talking on … Continue reading

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Graduation and Final Farewell Party, 2012

It was a graduation day today. From 10 Am to 4:30 PM, people were giving speeches and diplomas, celebrating students with good grades, taking group pictures, etc. I was involved in many ceremonies. After all those, bachelors, masters, and Ph. D students, and professors took two buses and left at 5 PM for Isawa in Fuefuki city, a hot spring area.  It took 20 min from the institute. We arrived at a hotel, Keizan. It was sort of a fancy hotel. Inside the hotel, dolls for Girls’ Day were displayed. A woman was playing the Japanese harp to welcome us. The party room was of a Japanese style. The foods were good. … Continue reading

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Retrying submission to the same journal

A paper, which I think has a very general importance, was rejected by a big journal. The comment was that the subject is too specific. lacking a broad interest. I do not agree. An American coworker in the same institute and I have been working on the paper; we decided to resubmit it to the same journal after the modification, explaining how important the manuscript is to the history of basic science. The professor is now in New Mexico for a conference, so we are communicating by e-mail.  

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Graduating students’ presentations

From 9:10 AM, the presentations of the graduating bachelors started. They talked for seven minutes with two-minute Q&As. The student I am instructing made a presentation from 1:30 PM. He did well. I expect him to receive a presentation prize tomorrow. The presentations continued till 5:30 PM. The rest of the students will talk tomorrow morning. From 6 PM, the professors in our institute gathered and had a long discussion until 8 PM. In a university in Japan, a researcher did a dishonest research behaviors, which became a news. In order not to have the same problem, we checked our research systems.

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A busy day

In the morning, I had a meeting starting at 9 AM. About 20 students and teachers discussed about the researches students perform. From 10:30 AM, I started working on the payments of my project, adding those from 5 institutes. I had no time and did not go home for lunch. I bought a lunch box at seven-eleven. From 2 PM, professors and researchers from an automobile company had a meeting. At 3 PM, I finished two documents for the students’ graduation. At 5 PM, students and I had a meeting for my project. From 6 to 7 PM, I taught students English. I left the office at 8 PM. I … Continue reading

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Second presentation day and Valentine’s day

The second day of the presentation for the master’s degree started from 9 AM. Today is special; my student is presenting. At 10 AM, the student started a 20-min presentation followed by 10-min questions & answers. I chaired. He was very nervous and did not look confident. I became nervous, too. After the presentation, the professors of a wide range of field started to ask questions. I became more nervous. To my surprise, the student did not answer well; he did EXCELLENT. He understood what the professors were trying to ask and answered perfectly! I was thrilled. From 3:40 PM, there was the final oral examination. This time, two professors … Continue reading

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Chinese professors arrived

Seven professors from Beihang University visited our institute, one of whom used to work together with us. It has been half a year since she left. She received her Ph. D in China, came to Japan with her husband, and had worked in Japan for five years. Now she is an associate professor in the university in Beijing. The Chinese professors had lunch together with us. Three out of seven professors spoke good Japanese, because they used to study and work in Japan. It is not common now to find Chinese professors speaking Japanese, because Chinese students and researchers tend to go study in the US. The Chinese dean told … Continue reading

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Rehearsal for seven students

From 9 AM, rehearsals started for seven students who are graduating with master’s degrees. Each one talked for 20 min in front of nearly 10 professors of our institute followed by questions and answers for about an hour. It was a rehearsal for the final presentation scheduled on Monday and Tuesday next week. My student did well, but he was asked to change some slides, too. After the rehearsals, I checked e-mails and arrived home at 9 PM. I called to my parents in Atami. I am glad to find that they were having fun. Mom told me that it is a cold winter even in Atami this year, and … Continue reading

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Business trip to Kawasaki

I woke up at 8 AM and went to school. I checked my e-mails and worked for a couple of hours. Then I went to Kofu station and took trains to Kawasaki. In the train, I tried to sleep as much as possible to compensate last night. I arrived at Kawasaki station. There would be a scientific/bureaucratic meeting on the 25th floor of Muza Kawasaki. The meeting was held between 2 and 5:30 PM, in which seven professors of our institute attended. I might have slept a bit but not too much. After the meeting, we had dinner together over drinks. We took trains from Katasaki at 7 PM. I tried … Continue reading

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Preparing an important paper

I have been working on a scientific paper today. I obtained very important experimental results, and another professor simulated the results by computation. It has become a very beautiful paper. We decided to submit it to a famous, prestigious journal in that area. It is my first time to try the journal. Since the journal is of a high class, they (arrogantly) demand many details of the format. Therefore, I have been checking and modifying the paper. It is almost done. I will submit it tomorrow.

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