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Proposal and article submitted

In the morning, I was nervously checking the proposal; today is the last day for submission.  One minute before noon, the very dead line, I submitted the proposal online. I am still nervous whether I submitted the right file. What if I had sent the wrong one?  Everything I did with the other members would be ruined. In the afternoon, I changed my mind and worked on the article for the book.  I finished it, too.  I sent it to the publisher at 7 PM. Katya came to the office to pick me up for the tennis lesson.  Only four students participated today, so we had an intense lesson.  Katya … Continue reading

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Finalizing the proposal

The proposal was piled up to 41 pages. I sent it to three universities and four companies; they sent me back their requests by e-mail. I inserted their opinions and sent the new version back. I calculated again and again the budget for the coming four years.  I was checking careless mistakes, too. I will check further opinions coming by e-mail from the coworkers tomorrow morning.  In the afternoon, I will submit it online. Writing a chapter in a book is still waiting for me.

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Writing a chapter in a book

Proposal is at the end.  I will submit it online the day after tomorrow. Today, I started writing a chapter in a book for beginners.  I am an editor but I did not write it because I was not the last one among the authors; the delay in publication was not my fault. However, I am becoming THE Last One, which is a problem. It is a short, ten-page chapter including figures and references.  I hope I will finish it tomorrow.

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Proposal is being finished

I slept a bit last night and eventually went to my office at 3 AM. I had two classes today: other than that, I was working on the proposal. It is almost ending.  I showed Katya my proposal, and she was impressed (I think) by the quantity and possibly the quality of it. The deadline of the submission is on May 13.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011 in Kofu

Today is Children’s Day, a national holiday. We woke up late.  After taking Maya-san out, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast. Then we had a long walk in the mountain. We went to Tokube for late lunch. It is Thursday, supposed to be Tuna Day in Tokube.  Unfortunately, we found they do not have Tuna Day on holidays.  Anyway, we used a 19% discount coupon. We played evening tennis from 7 to 9 PM in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  They have clay courts, which Katya likes. We were the only ones who played this evening. Our holidays are over.  I will work again on my proposal, and Katya will … Continue reading

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Proposal finishing – a break

Proposal is proceeding and finishing; I need to finish the financial and CV parts. I woke up at 1 AM, worked, and slept and  woke up at 8 AM, and I went to the office. Katya and I played tennis for one and a half hours. Then I kept working in the office. I came back home at 8 PM. Katya and I took Maya-san and left Kofu to Shimosuwa.

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Proposal Writing Continues

This evening, Katya works till 8:30 PM, so I came back home earlier than she.  I was relaxed a little; my body stiffs. Holiday season is coming in a couple of days.  I want to finish the proposal, soon.  I will get up early tomorrow morning, and will keep working on the project.

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Still writing a proposal

Proposal writing continues all day. At 4:30 PM, there was a break by a researcher who came to see my research. And then, writing continues. At 2 AM, I woke up and came to the lab to keep writing the proposal.

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Proposal and Classes

I stayed in my office during the night, working and resting for preparing my proposal. It is a project in which three universities and four companies participate.  I am the leader, so I have to finish it myself.  I worked till 6 AM, and I slept. I woke up at 7:30 AM and started preparing for my two classes: one in the morning, the other after lunch. I taught English to my students in the evening, too. Now I am back home.  I do not feel too tired because my mind is concentrated toward the project.  I will work hard one more day.  

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