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Rain again

Officially, the rainy season is over, but in the morning, it started raining. For lunch, I rode a bike to get all wet. It kept raining so I was not able to join the tennis lesson in the evening. Therefore, I came back home earlier than usual after work and made spaghetti for dinner with a sauce we bought at St. Cousair in Yatsugatake. It was good and spicy.  

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Hot days continue in Kofu

I miss the rainy season. Kofu is one of the hottest places in Japan. Air conditioner is essential now. It has become a difficult time of the year especially for Katya, who is leaving for Vladivostok on July 31; she still needs to wait. Summer is hard for Maya-san the dachshund, too, who needs to walk close to the hot, paved street. My parents living in Shimosuwa have bought a second house by the river. We will try to stay there.

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Rainy season over, Hottest day in this summer

Rainy season has officially ended in Kofu. Today’s temperature was 35 degree C. Katya at home and me in the office used an air conditioner. In the afternoon, there came a German researcher to the university. I took him around the institute. He gave us a talk. Very different from what we do, but sometimes it is nice to listen to something new.

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Saving energy this summer

It was raining in the early morning, but it stopped. In the evening, I was able to play tennis in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women in the class. Being in the rainy season, the air was very humid. It is a cool summer so far. We have not used an air conditioner yet. When it gets a bit warm, we use electric fans. Katya bought bottles of air-conditioner cleaners. The cleaner will not only clean the air out, but will save the energy.

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