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Another welcome party

I think Japanese drink together a lot. This could be because that we are very suppressed by the society and that drinking together releases the tension. The rule: “When drinking, any talk is forgiven and forgotten” . There was another party to welcome newcomers to our research group. I think that  the welcome parties are too many this year, but I joined today’s party only to show my face. It was held at “Bang Bang“.       The party started at 8 PM. I sneaked out before 9 PM and left for home.

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First classes of the Academic Year 2012

I woke up at 7 AM, had breakfast, and left home to prepare my first classes of the school year. I kept my materials that I used last year. I worked on modifying the PPT file for the first class of the day, which took for 30 min. Then I taught in a classroom for one and a half hours. I think that the lecture was OK. After the first class, there held was a research meeting, which ended at 11 AM, much earlier than I expected. I asked Katya to bring lunch by noon, because I was not going to be back home for lunch. Katya kindly made it … Continue reading

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Farewell Party #1 on White Day

One of the research groups invited me to a graduation party at Monojiya in front of Kofu Station. I went there for the first time. It was decorated in an old way.    Nearly 30 people joined the party. Today is White Day in Japan, when a guy sends a girl present. This year, I gave Katya a Starbucks’ portable coffee mug.

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Monday is always busy

E-mails come during the weekend, or people send e-mails that they did not send during the weekend when Monday comes. So Monday morning is not a very pleasant time to open up the mail box. I received abstracts for the meeting in China, and I had to arrange them in order. For my research project, the office asked me to prepare another documents. I need to prepare documents for the graduating students. And so on. I did not come back home for lunch and kept working. I finished lots of the works and happily went left the office.  

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Experiments in Kyoto

I woke up and had breakfast in the hotel. The three students are staying in the same place. We walked together to “Shimadzu Keihanna Laboratory“, where the subleader of my project is working. It took only 10 minutes from the hotel. The Shimadzu researchers have already designed new cells, and the parts for the cells have arrived from manufacturing companies. We brought some other materials to construct the cells together. We started working from 9 AM. We kept working till 5:30 PM. The results were not satisfactory to me; I give B-. The subleader told me that they had reserved dinner for us in a restaurant, Kanseikyo, in our hotel. … Continue reading

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Graduating students’ presentations

From 9:10 AM, the presentations of the graduating bachelors started. They talked for seven minutes with two-minute Q&As. The student I am instructing made a presentation from 1:30 PM. He did well. I expect him to receive a presentation prize tomorrow. The presentations continued till 5:30 PM. The rest of the students will talk tomorrow morning. From 6 PM, the professors in our institute gathered and had a long discussion until 8 PM. In a university in Japan, a researcher did a dishonest research behaviors, which became a news. In order not to have the same problem, we checked our research systems.

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A busy day

In the morning, I had a meeting starting at 9 AM. About 20 students and teachers discussed about the researches students perform. From 10:30 AM, I started working on the payments of my project, adding those from 5 institutes. I had no time and did not go home for lunch. I bought a lunch box at seven-eleven. From 2 PM, professors and researchers from an automobile company had a meeting. At 3 PM, I finished two documents for the students’ graduation. At 5 PM, students and I had a meeting for my project. From 6 to 7 PM, I taught students English. I left the office at 8 PM. I … Continue reading

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Rehearsal late at night

2 PM A student is graduating with his master’s degree this March. He asked me to help him with his 20-min presentation for the graduation with a research associate. “I will be ready for the rehearsal by 7 PM”, he said. 7 PM I called to the student. He said “Please wait for another hour”. 8 PM ”Please wait for another hour”.  I called Katya telling that I would be late. 9 PM  ”Please wait for another hour”.  I called Katya telling that I would be very late. 10 PM ”Please wait for 15 min more”.  I called Katya telling her to go ahead and sleep. 11:15 PM The rehearsal started. 3 AM … Continue reading

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Business trip to Tokyo

From 10:30 AM, there was a meeting in Shibuya for the coming  governmental funds. I had been asked to join by the governmental office who gives money, so I went there. It was boring, but I found out one thing: the government is trying to focus more and more on the application studies than the fundamental researches. I do not like application researches. In my mind, there is a feeling that application is for money, which should be done by companies. I am a scholar, who seek for the truth. I know I need to carry out both fundamental and application researches to be funded, but I wish I could concentrate … Continue reading

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Welcome-and-End-of-Year Party

Our research group, about 20 people in all, had an End-of-Year Party. We recently had a new student, so the party was combined with his welcome party. We had the party at Wan.  Interior is set in a classical Japanese way.    Hot pot is something we cannot miss in winter.      It was a Kyushu-style motsunabe. Director was absent in Cancun, which meant Fun!

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