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Katya’s Roses in Bloom

The weather is getting warmer everyday. Katya’s roses are getting in bloom, too.      

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Doggy Park in Kawaguchiko town

Katya is taking care of roses this year, too.  She made an ornament. In the afternoon, we went to “Doggy Park” in Kawaguchiko town.  It is a place for dogs and dog lovers at the foot of Mt. Fuji. We had lunch first at Sylvans by the park. They have a back yard terrace where we can eat with dogs. The temperature was about 20 C.  Very comfortable. They had their original beers.  Katya ordered a glass, but she did not like it and I took it instead. Maya-san was waiting under the table. Then we went into the park. There is even a place for rent-a-dog. We first went … Continue reading

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A box of mandarins

Parents of a student of mine visited him in Kofu. They brought a box of Mikkabi mandarins, well-known for their rich taste, from their hometown in Shizuoka  for us. Katya loves mandarins.  She still has a sore throat, and the fruits should be good for her. Season is changing.  There are only some roses left. It is getting cooler. We have already reserved a hotel for the coming new year.  I hope we will be able to enjoy our first ski then.

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Beautiful Roses and Mandarins

Students and teachers can play tennis on the University tennis courts for free, so I try to reserve one for Wednesday, a holiday.  All courts are occupied already.  Katya was very disappointed not be able to try her new racket last Sunday, so she is very much looking forward to playing it.  I hope it will be a fine day as forcasted. Katya’s roses are in bloom.  She picks off flowers from the stems saying that too many flowers are burden. Today, Katya bought mandarins for the first time this season. They are still young but taste OK.  We eat mandarins in winter.  It is already November.  We still remember the hot summer, … Continue reading

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