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Russian instrument and presents

An instruction started today of the new Russian instrument I had chosen.  It seems to be a good one. In the evening, I taught English to some students in the institute. After the lesson, they gave presents to Mariya; a towel and clothes. I passed them to Katya. Towels are always useful for a baby.

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Shinjuku and Shimosuwa

I left Kofu at 12:12 PM for a real estate meeting held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was a hot day even at the end of August.   The meeting ended at 3:30 PM. I took a train to Shimosuwa leaving at 4 PM. Katya. on the other hand, left Kofu with Maya-san by Smart to Shimosuwa. We met at my parents’ at 7 PM. Then, all of us headed for their second house. Katya left the house for her Russian friend’s. Maya-san is waiting for her.

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New instrument is coming

I have been interested in a Russian instrument for my new experiments. Luckily, we got a budget for an instrument with the same function. The exact company has not been decided; a couple of them are expected to give us presentations of their own. The Russian instrument has a probability, too, because the instrument possesses many unique experimental modes. Two professors and I checked a room for the installation. The room was OK for the expected experiments. The choice of the company (and the precise instrument) should be made in June. Tomorrow, I will explain the specifications for the instrument.

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Russian Christmas

Today is Russian Christmas. Since Katya was busy working, we did not have a big dinner. Salads, cheese, duck, baguette, and a glass of wine. We watched Brisbane  tennis games. Unfortunately, two players Katya was for had lost the games.

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Buying a Russian instrument

The two business trips left me a lot of works to be done. So I worked today. One thing I am doing is preparing a document for purchasing a Russian instrument for the department; I happened to find this unique instrument and was applying for buying one. It was approved. It is an expensive instrument, and I need to do some preresearch, too. I hope to finish the document tomorrow.

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