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Unstoppable and Hotel Dinner

I got two discount movie tickets from the university. They were valid till the end of January only in one movie theater, “Kofu-Musashino Cinema 5“. I wanted to see The Social Network, but it was dubbed into Japanese in the theater.  So we chose Unstoppable.  It was better than I expected.  I liked the simplicity of the movie, whereas Katya thought it was too simple and that at least one of the two must die.  I understand what she says. Denzel Washington could have died, but that scenario would been a stereotype, too. There is a hotel just by the movie theater, and we went up to the 13th floor … Continue reading

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Tuna Day in Tokube

Today is Thursday, or “Tuna Day” in our favorite sushi restaurant, “Tokube”. I succeeded in taking photos of all the plates we ordered (I normally was busy eating, and forgot some).  I proudly  show you all the photos in the series of our order. Our desserts. And all the dishes. Gee, I forgot to take a picture of one plate!!!

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Wasabi and Gari

Today is the 19th, the Tokube day, when they give 19% discount tickets.  So did we go. I show you today what we have besides sushi. Quality of the tea powder is good in this restaurant.  We make tea from hot water and  tea powder ourselves. It was a bit cold this evening, so we had miso soups, or bean-paste soups.  Katya’s with crams and mine with cut fish meats. A small red bottle is of red pepper. We like wasabi, a Japanese horse raddish, and ask extra all the time. It is not common for everybody. Soy source and chop sticks are essential. Gari, or vinegared gingers, go well … Continue reading

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How to save money at a sushi restaurant

Katya and I are regular customers of a sushi chain-restaurant by Kofu, “Nigiri no Tokube“, with a rotational belt for sushi plates, not very expensive, but not too much “automated”. At the restaurant, Thursday’s a tuna day (tuna is our favorite as of everybody), and all tuna plates are cheap.  Plus, on the 19th, they give customers a 19% discount coupon, which is valid within a month.  Today is Thursday the 19th, so why not go? Everybody knows sushi, so instead of sharing our pleasure this evening, I give you tips to save money. When the payment came, the price  was  4,084 yen.  I showed an internet coupon printed out at home.  That … Continue reading

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