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Beautiful Saturday in April

I work on Saturdays. I took pictures from the garden of my office.    It was very windy, too.  

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Lazy second day in Hatsushima

Today is Saturday. I woke up and had a buffet breakfast in a restaurant Oceano, while Katya took care of Mariya. Then Katya had breakfast in turn. We have been very tired and sleepy after the birth of Mariya. We took a nap until 2 PM. We then went out for a walk. It was not rainy but windy and cold, so we soon walked back to the hotel. Katya and I took coffee and a cake in the lounge. In our room, we watched a sumo tournament held in Fukuoka. Katya somehow likes to watch sumo. Hakuho, the grand champion, won the tournament. At 6 PM, we went to … Continue reading

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Saturday presentation

Today’s Saturday. In the morning, there were monthly presentations by students, which ended at noon. A student of mine, who got sick in the lab, did his turn, too. He did well. However, I try not to have him work too much. I went back home at 5:30 PM, then Katya went out for shopping. I was with Mariya, who was mostly sleeping. I wished she had been a little bit active with me.

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Saturday evening

It is Saturday today. Usually, I work in my office until 7 PM. Today, however, I came back home at 3 PM after going to see a doctor for my nose. With Maya-san and Mariya, Katya and I went out for a walk together for the second time. Then Katya went out alone for shopping and a haircut; Mariya’s first visit to the shrine is scheduled for tomorrow, after one month of her birth, and my parents are coming for it. I was playing with Mariya while Katya was out. After a couple of hours, Mariya seemed uneasy and started crying. I understood that she was hungry. I started making … Continue reading

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Taco dinner on Saturday

It is Saturday today. I worked till 7 PM. For dinner, I cooked tacos. It was successful. Katya liked them, too.

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