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Work on Saturday

In the morning, there were presentations by nine Ph.D students. They did well.  All the teachers and students showed themselves including me. In the afternoon, I went to see an otorhinolaryngologist to have my nose checked. On the way back, I filled up the tank of mini, too. After coming back to my office, I was discussing with a student of mine, who is in the second grade of a master course. He is having hard times finding employment next spring after his graduation. In Japan, students look for employment during their school days, and start working right after the graduation. If they cannot find a job before graduation, it could … Continue reading

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After holidays

Today’s Tuesday. School started. I have two classes on Tuesday, so I did not go back for lunch. When I was back home in the evening, Mariya was playing with Anpanman  my parents gave her. He is made so as to right himself when knocked over, but Mariya does not play with him this way yet. These days, Mariya is interested in Maya-san, too.

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Small International Meeting

Katya is in Vladivostok. I took Maya-san out for a walk in the morning before going to school. There was a small international meeting starting at 10 AM. Six lectures were given. I saw two German professors after a year, both of whom are invited. During the lunch time, I quickly went back home to say hello to Maya-san. The meeting ended at 4 PM. At 5 PM, I went back home for Maya-san’s walk. After the walk, she asked for a shower again. At 8 PM, I finished my job. Today, I was able to talk with Katya on skype. She told me she could hear my voice clearly. … Continue reading

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Japan beats Spain

At midnight, I started watching an Olympic soccer game: Japan vs. Spain, prior to the opening ceremony. Japan is ranked #20 while Spain #1. I was not expecting anything. From a corner kick, Japan happened to get a goal. Moreover, Spain lost a player because of a serious foul. I thought I would keep watching until Japan loses a few goals. However, the Japanese players played  well and they won! I was in fact more surprised than happy, and I soon went to sleep. In the morning, I watched TV news. I realized it was a big win for them. Then I went to school. It was a hot day … Continue reading

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Summer vacation coming after the exams

In the morning class starting at 9 AM, I gave students the final exam of the lectures before the summer vacation. Actually, I had shown all the questions two weeks before, and the questions I gave today were exactly the same. Besides, I let students bring any material, such as notebooks, textbooks, notes, and even PCs! One out of four students failed. How could it be? I gave those unsuccessful students some more chances to recover their grades. In the afternoon class starting at 1 PM, I have been teaching the basic of electronic circuits to freshmen . Today, they presented what they had learned in front of the teachers. One student … Continue reading

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German Sweats

A colleague of mine brought me a box of sweets. He has been out to Germany for a conference. He met an old Taiwanese student of mine there, whom I had taught in my previous school in Sendai. He is now a postdoc in a German university. It was a surprise. Being a university teacher makes an international connection.

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Aquarium newly displayed

Katya was continuously changing the  water and cleaning the fish tank. As she read in the articles on fish handlings, she decided to change all water and to fully clean up the tank after half a year. Last evening, we fully cleaned the tank and filters. Sands were all changed. New water, having kept outside for some while, was put in the tank. While I was at school today, Katya put all fish in the tank. Successfully, all fish swim happily in the new environment.

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First classes of the Academic Year 2012

I woke up at 7 AM, had breakfast, and left home to prepare my first classes of the school year. I kept my materials that I used last year. I worked on modifying the PPT file for the first class of the day, which took for 30 min. Then I taught in a classroom for one and a half hours. I think that the lecture was OK. After the first class, there held was a research meeting, which ended at 11 AM, much earlier than I expected. I asked Katya to bring lunch by noon, because I was not going to be back home for lunch. Katya kindly made it … Continue reading

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Start of the new school year

This evening, we had a spring party of our institute. All students and staffs, more than 100 people in all, got together in the school cafeteria. It started at 5:30 PM. I sneaked out to work for the forum in China. A student of mine organizing the party came to my office at 8:30 PM. We talked about his tomorrow’s presentation introducing a review article. I arrived home at 10 PM. After I finish this post, I will go to sleep.

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Business trip to Kawasaki

I woke up at 8 AM and went to school. I checked my e-mails and worked for a couple of hours. Then I went to Kofu station and took trains to Kawasaki. In the train, I tried to sleep as much as possible to compensate last night. I arrived at Kawasaki station. There would be a scientific/bureaucratic meeting on the 25th floor of Muza Kawasaki. The meeting was held between 2 and 5:30 PM, in which seven professors of our institute attended. I might have slept a bit but not too much. After the meeting, we had dinner together over drinks. We took trains from Katasaki at 7 PM. I tried … Continue reading

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