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Visitors to the institute

Thirty scientists from abroad visited our institute. I helped them with the lab tour. One of them from the Netherlands was  very interested in my research, and he will get in touch with me after coming back home. I hope it will be a fruitful collaboration.

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Nishizawa Valley, Taizan Hanten, Gusto

Young scientists visited our institute in the morning, and I showed them around. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Nishizawa Valley in Yamanashi city. The temperature in Kofu was higher than 30 degree C today, but in the mountain, it lowered to 24 degree.      It was cool and pleasant. Maya-san found something “real” under the ground. She dug, barked, tried to bite it, and sometimes jumped back. It could be a snake. I took Maya-san out from the hole. We arrived at Okubo Waterfall. We then returned. On the way back home, we dropped by “JA (Japan Agriculture Co-operatives) Fruits Yamanashi”, a vegetable and fruit … Continue reading

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Water tank ordered

Katya thought of keeping fish in our apartment. Once she has some ideas in her mind, she concentrates herself on the subject. She has been checking fish tanks for two days on the internet. It is sort of a scientist attitude. She found a fish tank with a proper shape and the cheapest price. So we ordered it. I think she will make a good caretaker as she is for roses and cacti.

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Lectures started

From 9 AM, I opened the seminar with remarks for 15 min,  Then, we had two lectures in the morning. It was a bit clouded but was very pleasant. During the lunch time, I went out to take pictures.     Hotel Koumi RE-EX is on Koumi Highland, Nagano. The altitude is 1,452 m. In the evening, students and young scientist gave poster presentations till 11 PM over a drink. Katya arrived back in Kofu. She is now with Maya-san. We talked over a phone.

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Starting preparing a seminar

The seminar for young scientists is getting very close, starting on August 29. I changed my mind and started working on it with my colleagues. There are many details to think about, and it is very challenging.

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Sending e-mails, Making phone calls

I am organizing a scientific seminar held at the end of August. Today, I was sending e-mails to look for participants to the  seminar. I was expecting 50 participants, but there are only 30 registrations till today, June 28, and the deadline is July 1! It was hot today, and I was in my office with only an electric fan, sending e-mails and making telephone calls. Asian students and scientists are coming, but Americans, Europeans, and Japaneses seem to hesitate to join the meeting. Some more decided to come after my calls, but I want more people.  So tomorrow, I will do the same.

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