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New Year Party of Russian-Japanese couples

Katya, Mariya and I were invited to a new year party held at Katya’s friend’s who got married to a Japanese man. They have a boy of 7-year old. An Ukrainian-Japanese couple with two boys and a Russian lady with a girl were invited, too. The Russian lady was new to us. Katya made friends with her, and they decided to go to Tokyo some day. On Sunday, the 13th, the Ukrainian-Japanese family and us planned to go on a ski. It will be fun. Maya-san was safely keeping the house alone. After our arrival, everyone went out for a walk. I prepared a Shabushabu pot again with meat, vegetables, … Continue reading

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Presentations for Master’s Degrees

Final presentations for the master students have started. Today, I listened to eight students who are about to graduate from our university. Everybody did well and I gave good points. My student will be talking tomorrow. I hope he does well. On the way back home, it was rainy. It must be snowing in the mountains. Katya and I might try skiing this weekend, too.

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Sunday Ski in Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort

Katya and I went skiing in Sun Meadows this Sunday, too. Maya-san stayed again in the car. It was warmer than last week, while the quality of snow was better today. The mountain covered with snow is called “Aka-dake” or Mt. Aka. Mt. Fuji was seen on the other side. Pleasant day with pleasant snow. We had a bowl of ramen and curry for lunch in a restaurant there and went home. I went to my office and helped the student from 6 to 8 PM. We will meet at 9 AM on the tomorrow morning.

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First ski in 2012 in Sun Meadows, Yamanashi

In the morning, I went to TSUTAYA to have the DVD back.  Then, Maya-san and I went for a walk by Arakawa river as we did last week. It was warm. Maya-san found a mole hole and started to dig it deeper. She dared not leave the hole, so I carried her up to take her back to the car. After breakfast, Katya, Maya-san, and I went up the mountain to Sun Meadows in Kiyosato area for the first ski in this season.    It was a bit cloudy but not extremely cold. Katya and I took a lift, “Flower Lift”, to up the hill. Since this was the first … Continue reading

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Quick visit to Tokyo

It had been rainy from last night in Kofu; the mountain should be heavily snowy. Katya and I decided not to go skiing, instead, we took a short visit to Tokyo. We took Azusa Super Express leaving at 7:24 AM, which was not filled with customers. The mountain was covered with snow. We took a short walk around Shinjuku, and went home. We had a walk with Maya-san.

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BBQ and Poster Awards

The room was a simple one with two bed. I stayed with a colleague. In the evening, we had a time for excursion/recreation. I took a nap and walked around. The hotel has a golf course and ski slopes. I found a chapel. I went in an outside hot-spring spa. At 6 PM, we took a bus to Takizawa Farm.   We had an indoor BBQ. I chaired the ceremony for the poster awards. Some participants had some more drinks from 9 PM till midnight in a room.

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Fujimi Panorama Resort Area in Mount Nyukasa

I am a Starbucks stock holder.  The company gives me two complimentary drink tickets per year. In the morning, we went to Starbucks for breakfast.  I had ordered a booklet of Tanka, a form of Japanese poem, written by a French poet, and it arrived yesterday.  I started reading it. It was more interesting than I expected.  I will read through and will write about it. It was a hot day again.  We drove to Fujimi Panorama Resort Aria in Mt. Nyukasa in Nagano prefecture. From the foot of the mountain, we took a gondola. The gondolas are used for skiers during winter.  It ran very fast up near to … Continue reading

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Photography on a snowy mountain

It was a beautiful morning. Unfortunately, Katya was not completely recovered from the cold.  I sneezed, too.  We decided not to go skiing. We had breakfast at Starbucks. On the way home, we dropped by at a drug store and bought some medicines, as well as packs of powdered ginger drink (ginger powder, unrefined sugar, and starch to be dissolved in hot water) and bottles of energy drink. We had both of them at home. Although we would not go skiing, Katya wanted to take pictures on a snowy mountain.  I thought it was a good idea.  Maya-san agreed, who hates low temperature but likes to walk on the snow. … Continue reading

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Second Ski in 2011

We had breakfast in the lounge and left the hotel for skiing again. It was a sunny day, a very good day for skiing.  We enjoyed it, although there were so many people. Katya started skiing in Japan and is now good at it.  She is fond of sports.  We play tennis, ski, and go snorkeling together; it is lucky for us to be able to share time together. We went to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza again.  Katya bought a pair of Adidas gloves. We bought a sealed lucky bag in a Swatch shop and got a pair of swatch.  We are wearing them now. We went back to the … Continue reading

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First Ski in 2011

We left Karuizawa Mura Hotel at 10 PM. We dropped by XIV Karuizawa, where we were going to stay this evening. We left one of our luggages in the hotel and had breakfast in the lounge. We often stay at XIV hotels enjoying their reasonable services. We drove for one and a half hour for skiing to Kusatsu Spa and Ski Area. We first went there last winter and liked it. On the way, we had a good view of Mount Asama, a volcano. The quality of snow was good for this season of the start of the year. It started snowing. After the ski, we went shopping at Karuizawa … Continue reading

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