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Snowy Kofu, 2012

When I got up and took Maya-san out for a walk, we found out that it was snowing outside. It was the most snowy in this season. Maya-san hesitated to walk out, so I forced her to. Bamboos covered with snow on the way to my office: Experimental building seen on the right: Garden of the office building: Students were late for school because of the traffic jam. In the afternoon, the snow stopped, but the visitors from Tokyo were late because the trains were late. Katya walked to the English lessons in the afternoon for the safety. I was afraid that the roads were slippery in the evening, so … Continue reading

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Final Snow

I was thinking that the snow on March 7 was the last one. I think this snow IS the last one. Today, Katya found no bottled water and less foods in Ogino Supermarket.

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(Last) snow day in Kofu

In the morning, I found it was snowing.  I walked to school. I was waiting for the snow to cover everything again, but while I was working, snow stopped and started melting very quickly.  It is spring, anyway. I am trying to apply for a governmental scientific project, and in the afternoon, we had a meeting; it would be a project among our university and companies.  The application must be finished within March, so we do not have much time. We need to work hard on it.  

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Spring is coming, probably

In the late morning, Katya sent me an e-mail telling it was almost summer today.  I noticed it when I went out from my office. Although it is still in the early February, the temperature got as high as 14 degree C.  In the afternoon, I stopped an air conditioner in my office for a while. We had snow only once in Kofu this winter.  It turned out to be a warm winter this year. I asked Katya about inviting her mother to Japan in this warm winter for a while.  Katya said no because of the coldness inside. Oh, I forgot about it.

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First Snow in Kofu and Chili Cooking

It was cold last night.  I had a slight cold.  In the morning, we found the first snow in Kofu, 5 mm in depth. So we lazily got up late and stayed home except for Maya-san’s walks. After the breakfast, I started cooking chili, which I was not able to do yesterday.  I took enough time to prepare today.   It was a success.  Nothing can be complained. We both took three bowls.  We got so full.

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First Ski in 2011

We left Karuizawa Mura Hotel at 10 PM. We dropped by XIV Karuizawa, where we were going to stay this evening. We left one of our luggages in the hotel and had breakfast in the lounge. We often stay at XIV hotels enjoying their reasonable services. We drove for one and a half hour for skiing to Kusatsu Spa and Ski Area. We first went there last winter and liked it. On the way, we had a good view of Mount Asama, a volcano. The quality of snow was good for this season of the start of the year. It started snowing. After the ski, we went shopping at Karuizawa … Continue reading

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First Ski This Season

We had a buffet breakfast. Then we checked out the hotel and went out for skiing at “Pilatus Tateshina Ski Resort“.  This is our first ski this season. Katya skied down the hill only once because of the icy slope.  I did four times. We came back to my parents’ to meet Maya-san.  She welcomed us. I drove Smart to Kofu. Maya-san is happy on the legless chair in our apartment.

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Christmas in Tateshina

After leaving Maya-san at my parents’ in Shimosuwa, Katya and I headed for Tateshina.  It was snowing, and on the way to the hotel, I had to put chains on the front tires. We arrived at XIV Tateshina, our favorite hotel, at 4 PM. Room was large enough for two of us. It was snowing quietly. In the room, we had a bottle of French cidre. I then took a natural spa, while Katya was taking a rest. In the evening, we went out for a Chinese restaurant in the hotel, Suiyo,  around 8 PM (Katya took the photo). It was a fancy Chinese menu. Katya did not take the … Continue reading

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Busy Winter Days

I have almost done with my student’s thesis.  That makes me feel a bit relieved. It has not snowed yet, but Kofu is cold now.  These are pictures taken in a garden in front of my office. I am using Gateway and Katya, HP now, because Katya’s dictionary does not work well on Gateway.  She now only uses Gateway for Skype. Oh, I am a little sleepy.

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Make it Wireless

I am using an HP and Kayta, a Gateway. Katya’s Gateway was not wireless, and she felt inconvenient.  Yesterday, I called to the internet company and made Gateway wireless.  Now, Gateway is newer and faster and wireless. It is raining in Kofu today.  It is snowing on the mountains.  Winter vacation is coming.

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