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First day of the trip to Ito, Izu peninsula

It is Saturday today. In the morning, I was attending a meeting, in which our master-grade students presented their research results obtained in half a year, while Katya took Maya-san to Shimosuwa by Smart. She left Maya-san to my parents and drove back home. We met at our apartment and left together for Ito city in Izu peninsula. On the way to Ito, we first dropped by the central post office in Kofu to receive the doughnuts, which had delivered home while we were out. Then we drove all the way to Hotel Ito Powell, an old hotel by the sea.  We arrived at 5 PM. The room on the … Continue reading

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Summer Evening BBQ

I was going to a tennis lesson today, but students asked me to join a BBQ, which I accepted. I took Maya-san for a walk at 5 PM, and the BBQ started at 7 PM in the garden of my office building. Students prepared everything. The foods and beer were very good.I went back home at 8:30 PM. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was on TV. I like Roald Dahl and Johnny Depp (and Tim Burton, so so), so it is one of my favorite movies.    I tried to watch an Olympic soccer game Japan vs. Korea for the bronze, but I went to sleep.

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Boys’ Taco Party

I invited four  students and two researchers, who happened to be my ex-students, to dinner. Katya was out working, and I made tacos.  During my sabbatical in Illinois, a good friend of mine was a Mexican researcher.  We ate out Mexican foods often, and I learned the real taste of them. We are fortunate to be able to order almost everything on the internet.  I had found a good Mexican restaurant in Nagoya, from which I was able to order the ingredients. I was the host and cook.  Maya-san was the hostess asking students gently how they were. I was wondering and worried whether the foods were enough for the students. … Continue reading

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Maya-san on the lap

One day after the submission, I felt more relaxed, thinking I probably had submitted the right file.  And somehow, I started to feel confident that the proposal is a good one with the corporation of many good researchers. In the morning, students and staffs joined a lab presentation by the Ph.D students.  In the afternoon, I was working in my office. After dinner, Katya, Maya-san, and I went out for a walk.  After the walk, Maya-san came on my lap and started licking my hand. It was generous of her. However, since I wanted to use the computer, I asked her to leave.

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