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Business trip again to Tokyo

Again a meeting in Tokyo for my project. I had a beef bowl at Yoshinoya in front of Kofu station.   Then I took trains to Kanda, Tokyo. Researchers from four companies got together, and with me, discussed about a start-up  cell.  We came up to a tentative design. The meeting ended at 4 PM. After the meeting, I visited a company taking care of my studio in Nakaochiai to say hello. This company is not for the whole building but only dealing with the tenant and my compartment. In my studio, a girl student lives, who experienced the earthquake.  Her mother wrote to me that she is doing just … Continue reading

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Business trip to Tokyo

It was a beautiful day. I went to Shibuya, Tokyo, in the morning to visit the real estate agency to prepare the documents for the contract between me and the new tenant of my studio in Nakaochiai. From Shinjuku to Shibuya, I took a train.  In the stations, I noticed no foreigners; everybody was Asian, and I heard  neither Chinese nor Korean.  It was very unusual and weird in Tokyo.  Outside of Shibuya, I noticed very few foreigners, too. The young man in the office preparing the documents with me was from Minami Soma city, destroyed by tsunami and close to the power plant.  He said he took all his … Continue reading

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New tenant decided to rent a studio

I have not written about my small real estate business. Three studios in Tokyo and one in Yokohama are all fine, not damaged at all. I was advertising for a tenant for the studio in Nakaochiai, Tokyo.  A new college student (school starts in April here) was willing to move in.  Then the earthquake shook her house in Ibaraki prefecture. I told the agency to let her stay for free at least in March. I waited for the reply from her, and she called to the agency saying she will move in. I hope she will start her new life comfortably in my studio.  I am planning to give her … Continue reading

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Business trips to Shibuya and Kawasaki

In the morning, I went to Shibuya, Tokyo.  I visited an office of the real-state managing company I am asking to take care of my studio in Nakaochiai; the tenant of the studio is leaving at the end of February.  March is the month when people move the most in Japan, and it is relatively less difficult to find a new tenant.  Even though, a good advertisement is preferable. We discussed in the office for 40 min.  The advertisement will be on the web next week. In the afternoon, there was a meeting with judging members for a big project being carried out in our institute.  I am paid from … Continue reading

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