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Points 15 times more

In Japan, the fiscal year ends in March.  February and March are the months when stores try to sell and wipe out their stocks. In a drug store, “Sun Drug”, near the institute, they were holding a 15-time-point sale, meaning 15% discount. Being a mile-and-point collector, there was no choice for me not to buy. I bought sweet cookies and took them home.  Katya concerns about health and did not like the idea of buying cookies for points.  Maya-san was curious.

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Photography on a snowy mountain

It was a beautiful morning. Unfortunately, Katya was not completely recovered from the cold.  I sneezed, too.  We decided not to go skiing. We had breakfast at Starbucks. On the way home, we dropped by at a drug store and bought some medicines, as well as packs of powdered ginger drink (ginger powder, unrefined sugar, and starch to be dissolved in hot water) and bottles of energy drink. We had both of them at home. Although we would not go skiing, Katya wanted to take pictures on a snowy mountain.  I thought it was a good idea.  Maya-san agreed, who hates low temperature but likes to walk on the snow. … Continue reading

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junky afternoon

From 6 AM, I was busy preparing a document for inviting an Indian researcher in Germany to our university next year.  I did not have lunch at home but had cup noodles while working. After finishing the document, I rode my bike to the school administration office under the temperature of (usual) 36 C.  After the submission of the document, I rode back to make it for visitors from Japan Patent Office.  I introduced our labs and had a lecture on patents, which was interesting.  Then, I had a coke and potato chips. I also bought some snacks, because at a Sunroad drug store, they give 10-time points now. Point … Continue reading

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