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Sun Meadows in summer and Busiest Tokube

After breakfast, we went to “Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort.” In summer, the slope is good for walking. There are two lifts taking us up, too.    After the arrival, we first visited a small lake near by. Sometimes, people learn canoeing on the lake, but today there was nobody. Maya-san took a bath in to cool her down.    We walked along the side way and went up the slope.    Then we walked down and took a lift up again.    Maya-san was with Katya on the lift. She was not afraid of the ride. Views of the city down from the hill and up the mountain.    … Continue reading

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Sunday Ski in Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort

Katya and I went skiing in Sun Meadows this Sunday, too. Maya-san stayed again in the car. It was warmer than last week, while the quality of snow was better today. The mountain covered with snow is called “Aka-dake” or Mt. Aka. Mt. Fuji was seen on the other side. Pleasant day with pleasant snow. We had a bowl of ramen and curry for lunch in a restaurant there and went home. I went to my office and helped the student from 6 to 8 PM. We will meet at 9 AM on the tomorrow morning.

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First ski in 2012 in Sun Meadows, Yamanashi

In the morning, I went to TSUTAYA to have the DVD back.  Then, Maya-san and I went for a walk by Arakawa river as we did last week. It was warm. Maya-san found a mole hole and started to dig it deeper. She dared not leave the hole, so I carried her up to take her back to the car. After breakfast, Katya, Maya-san, and I went up the mountain to Sun Meadows in Kiyosato area for the first ski in this season.    It was a bit cloudy but not extremely cold. Katya and I took a lift, “Flower Lift”, to up the hill. Since this was the first … Continue reading

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Walk near Sun Meadows Kiyosato Resort

Katya, Maya-san, and I drove to Sun Meadows Kiyosato Resort. Skiers are there during winter. During the hot summer season, we enjoy the pleasant weather in the mountain. When we got there, it started raining. We had a small lunch under the roof outside and waited for the rain to stop. The rain stopped. We took a walk around a small lake nearby.    We found a butterfly and bees taking honey together. A small waterfall. Unfortunately, flowers were not auto-focused.     Katya will probably post some pictures of flowers in her blog. We met nobody around the lake. Very quiet.   Right after the walk, it started raining again. … Continue reading

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Photography on a snowy mountain

It was a beautiful morning. Unfortunately, Katya was not completely recovered from the cold.  I sneezed, too.  We decided not to go skiing. We had breakfast at Starbucks. On the way home, we dropped by at a drug store and bought some medicines, as well as packs of powdered ginger drink (ginger powder, unrefined sugar, and starch to be dissolved in hot water) and bottles of energy drink. We had both of them at home. Although we would not go skiing, Katya wanted to take pictures on a snowy mountain.  I thought it was a good idea.  Maya-san agreed, who hates low temperature but likes to walk on the snow. … Continue reading

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Early Winter in Kiyosato

After taking Maya-san for a walk, we drove to “Kiyosato no Mori“.  Winter has come. With the temperature of 5 C, Maya-san was busy digging. Then we moved to “Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort“, which is planned to be open for ski on December 18. We were the only ones to visit the place today. We went to look at the slope and the lift station. With the temperature of 2 C, Maya-san was busy digging by the snow. We are planning to ski on a different mountain on the Christmas day. The slope on the mountain is partially ready for skiing. We hope there will be more snow.

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