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Tiring Sunday by cleaning up around the apartments

I normally wake up late on Sunday mornings, but today, before 7 AM as usual, because there was scheduled a clean-up around the apartments by the residents themselves; there are a lot of these occasions in Japan. The cleaning started at 8 AM. We cleaned the ditch and took off weeds. We made up piles of bags filled with weeds. I took a shower again. For lunch, we walked down Takeda Street. We arrived at a Nepali restaurant, “New Mahal“, where Katya took a ladies’ set and I a lunch buffet.    Mariya was a good girl as usual. I wish that the buffet curries were more spicy. After coming … Continue reading

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Sunday Conference at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Several years ago, I received a fund from an engineering association. I had been asked to give a talk at a conference about the research performed by using the fund , but I was not able to do so because of the schedules. Today, Sunday, I managed to attend Tokyo Institute of Technology where the conference was held. My talk was scheduled from 2:35 PM, so I arrived at the building before 2 PM.    I gave a 15-minute talk. I hope it interested the  attendees, although the field might not be exactly of theirs. After my talk, I left the conference venue to take trains, which I changed at Maguro. … Continue reading

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Jingisukan BBQ dinner on Sunday

It is Sunday today. When I woke up, it was raining. I took Maya-san out for a walk in the morning. She was a good girl enough not to hesitate to walk in the rain, which is not very often. After the walk, Katya drove to Jonathan’s. I read a newspaper, while Katya an internet magazine with her iPad.    Drinks in Jonathan’s are better than in Gusto, so we might be going to have Sunday breakfasts in Jonathan’s, although Gusto is in the walking distance from our apartment. Then we went to “Pet Field” to see live rocks to be put in a fish tank. We did not buy … Continue reading

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Itajiki Gorge, Kofu, Yamanashi, on Sunday

Today is Sunday. In the morning, Katya and I had brunch at Gusto. Then all of us went up the mountain to Itajiki gorge in Kofu, which Katya had happened to find. By the gorge, there was a short hiking course less than a kilometer long. Right after the entrance, Shirokami waterfall welcomed us. Roads were sometimes rocky but mostly pleasant.    At the end of the hiking course, there was Otaki waterfall. The differential level is 30 m; the fall was not huge, but it was worth visiting. The mists made us feel cool. The water from the gorge flows into Arakawa Dam. We came back home. Katya and … Continue reading

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Rainy Sunday in Kofu

It rained all day in Kofu. We stayed home except for a buffet lunch in “New Mahal“. The price is very reasonable, but we wished it was a bit more spicy. Other than that, we rested calm.

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Business trip to Kyoto, March 4, 2012

It is Sunday today. I am planning to carry out experiments in Kyoto with three students for two days from tomorrow. I first took a bullet train to Kyoto Station. I changed the JR line to the Kintetsu Kyoto Line. I got off at Shin-Hosono Station, where I took a bus to Keihanna Plaza Hotel. I was hungry and took a bowl of boeuf bourgignon. The room was small with one bed, but comfortable enough. I will take a rest and will start working from tomorrow morning.

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Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

Today is Sunday. I woke up at 9:30 AM after the busy 2-night journey. I had breakfast with Katya and Maya-san and went to my office to work on the budgets.  The bureau asked us to send them tomorrow. Katya and I had lunch at 3 PM at Gusto. Then I started working again. At 9:30 PM, Katya, Maya-san and I had a walk. Then I started working again. I will stay at the office tonight.

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Slow Sunday

We got up late in the morning. I took Maya-san out while Katya made breakfast. Maya-san took a nap. We had an afternoon walk. We played tennis in the evening.  The temperature was 10 C, but unfortunately it was too windy.

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Hole Digging in Kiyosato

On Sunday morning, Katya worked on translation, and I,  in the garden.  In the afternoon, we drove out and had a late lunch in “Kiyosato no Mori“, a park in the Kiyosato resort area.  It took an hour from our apartment.  We had salad and shared a plate of Okonomiyaki. We took Maya-san, too; she is an expert in hole-digging and never fails to make good, deep holes in the playing field of this park. We peeled her off the ground in spite of her disagreement, and moved to another park, “Oka no Koen“.  Katya and I played tennis, and Maya-san judged games.  After tennis, we took Onsen, a natural … Continue reading

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