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Mariya’s birthday party

Mariya’s birthday was October 15, but today, Saturday, I invited my parents to have a birthday party with them . I saw my parents at Kofu station at 1 PM and took them to our apartment. I quickly went to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh, to take out dinner.   The taste was OK.   Then all of us went out for Takeda Shrine. A cameraman was waiting for us to take pictures of us in a small park nearby. After taking photos, I took my parents back to Kofu station. My mother will come to visit us for helping us with moving out from the apartment after my visit to … Continue reading

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May 6, 2013: Holiday in lieu

Yesterday, it was Sunday and Children’s Day; therefore, today is a holiday in lieu. While Katya did chores around the house in the morning, I took Mariya to Takeda Shrine. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from our apartment. We walked up Takeda Street. We passed across the bridge over the moat around the shrine. We went up the stone steps to pass the outer entrance. A pair of stone dogs guard the shrine at the entrance.    We proceeded to the inner entrance. On the left was a well for purifying hands (you can drink water, too). We arrived at the inner gate to the front shrine. People were praying. … Continue reading

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Walking together on Sunday

In the afternoon, Katya, Mariya, Maya-san and I went out for a walk around Takeda Shrine.  It was a beautiful day like yesterday. Katya then left with Maya-san home for chores, while Mariya and I kept walking. I looked into her face during the walk, and she was happy for some while. However, Mariya started looking for her mother and became gloomy, so we headed for home together. For dinner, I went to Manpuku Roh to take out fried egg plants and stir-fried shrimp both with chili sauces. They cooked quickly; I only waited for 20 min.  I like Chinese dishes for their convenience, not to mention the tastes. Katya and I … Continue reading

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The last day of the winter holidays

I received nearly 100 new-year cards. Since I was having fun with Katya in Tokyo, I did not have time to answer to them. So I devoted myself to writing them back from the morning. After the writing for hours, in order to have a rest, I took Maya-san to Takeda shrine. The parking lots were so full, and the cars were waiting on the road for the parking. Even on the third of January, people still came for the worship of the year. They were standing and waiting at the entrance for the worship. I am not religious and normally try to avoid formalism, so I did not enter … Continue reading

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Sunday in Kofu

I leave mini at my parking space, and try to have it fixed next week. After breakfast, Katya and I went out with Maya-san to find a piece of wood and some plants for the aquarium. We went to “Fish Land Ishihara“, the biggest fish shop in Kofu as far as we know.    For those who bought more than 1,000 yen, they gave a chance of goldfish scooping. I just tore the paper. Well, let me explain one thing. At the festivals, the water is not oxygenated so the fish come near the surface for air. In this tank, the water was fully oxygenated by a pump, so the … Continue reading

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No air conditioning today

Maya-san and I slept well last night. It was rainy and very cool. By opening up the windows, pleasant breeze came in. In the morning, it still rained like mists. Maya-san does not like rain and hesitated to go out, but once we went out, she liked the cool atmosphere. She got dirty walking on the muddy  roads and took a shampoo. In the evening we went near Takeda Shrine. Lotuses were in bloom in the pond.   The rain started and stopped. It was cloudy but very pleasant. After coming back home, Maya-san had dinner. She is sleeping now. So we have not been using an air conditioner today.

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Evening walk with Maya-san

I usually come back home around 5 PM for Maya-san’s dinner. This evening, we had a heavy shower with thunders. So I came back home at 7 PM. When I arrived home, Maya-san neither asked me to give her food or take her out; she asked me to take her on the veranda for a cricket hunting! She enjoyed herself for a while, and we went out for a walk. I drove her to Takeda Shrine. She found two cats and tried to chase them and fight against them (I stopped her). For dinner, I had a tuna bowl and a glass of chilled sake. A cup of ice cream … Continue reading

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Sunday, August 6, 2011 in Kofu and Vladivostok

I woke up late today.  I spent my time with Maya-san. In the evening, I took Maya-san for a walk around the lake near Takeda Shrine.   I cooked Chinese dumplings and had them with a can of beer for dinner. Katya went to her house under construction today and had a BBQ in the garden.     Katya is having a good life. Maya-san is OK in the veranda, but she sometimes looks lonely.

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Another Hot Day, Yanase, Cell Phone, Tokube, Fireflies

I called to Yanase. They told us that Katya can use a latest model of Smart from July 5, so our SmartForFour will be finally checked and inspected. After lunch, Katya and I went to an au shop at Yumura.  The temperature was 34 degree C.  It was another hot day. Katya’s cell phone will not function from July 22 because of a technical modification of the radio mode, so she has to change her cell phone to a new one.  With a catalog, she had already chosen one at home. That one she chose was not in shop, so she will wait for it till July 2.  The battery … Continue reading

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Mostly Healthy Sunday

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I took mini and went to the parking lot of Hotel Yogai. There is a good walking course from the hotel.  We left mini and started walking. We have been suffering from the pollen allergy of Japanese cedar, and the mountain was full of the trees.  However, we did not feel anything any more.  The rain yesterday must have washed out the pollens from the trees onto the ground. We enjoyed walking. In the afternoon, we went to EST Tennis School to join a trial lesson.  It was OK with me.  For Katya, the indoor courts were too dusty and she needed more basic … Continue reading

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