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Seminar in Shimosuwa

Katya, Mariya, Maya-san and I left our apartment for Shimosuwa at 4:30 PM. Katya drove me to Shimosuwa Production Support Center directly for my talk. She then went to my parents’, left Maya-san, and,  with Mariya, went  to see her Ukrainian friend living in Shimosuwa. In the seminar, eleven people came to listen to me, who were managers and engineers of  small industrial companies in/around Shimosuwa. They wanted to have some hints of the business in the near future. My talk started at 6:30 and ended at 8:30 PM, with many questions. It seemed that they had  understood me. The director asked a visit of some of the members to our institute … Continue reading

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No mails at school

Our mailing system for the teachers and the office workers (only) in the university was somewhat tied up.  I worked all day without an e-mail, which was weird; I was nervous whether I miss some important information. I was invited to give a talk for company managers and engineers in Shimosuwa, my hometown.  I asked my parents if they wanted to come, but they hesitated. Anyway, I started working on the presentation, which requires no internet connection. It will be a two-hour talk for non-specialists, my first experience in my life.

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Paper finished

I finished writing a paper on the subject I talked in Hawaii. The talk was successful then and there were many good questions. So, I revised the paper with the ideas given by the questioners. I passed paper to the coworkers. After their comments, the paper will be submitted.

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Sunday Conference at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Several years ago, I received a fund from an engineering association. I had been asked to give a talk at a conference about the research performed by using the fund , but I was not able to do so because of the schedules. Today, Sunday, I managed to attend Tokyo Institute of Technology where the conference was held. My talk was scheduled from 2:35 PM, so I arrived at the building before 2 PM.    I gave a 15-minute talk. I hope it interested the  attendees, although the field might not be exactly of theirs. After my talk, I left the conference venue to take trains, which I changed at Maguro. … Continue reading

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Second day of the conference in Seoul

After lunch, I walked around the conference hall.   From 3:30 PM, I gave a 30-min invited talk. I think I did it OK, but there were not so many questions. After the conference, I walked around the COEX mall. I did not buy anything. I will buy souvenirs at the airport tomorrow.   Banquet started at 6:30 PM.   Since I knew nobody, I picked some foods and went back to the hotel. Tomorrow morning, I am leaving early for Japan.

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Rainy season over, Hottest day in this summer

Rainy season has officially ended in Kofu. Today’s temperature was 35 degree C. Katya at home and me in the office used an air conditioner. In the afternoon, there came a German researcher to the university. I took him around the institute. He gave us a talk. Very different from what we do, but sometimes it is nice to listen to something new.

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Lecture in Osaka on Sunday – Katya and Natalia left for Atami

Yesterday, I went to Chiba for a talk. Today, on Sunday, I was asked to give a lecture in Osaka University. I left the apartment at 6 AM.  I took trains. In the bullet train, a wall socket and the internet access were provided, so I was able to work. In the monorail in Osaka, I took the seat at the very front of the car. I felt a bit scared; it was like a roller coaster. I arrived at Osaka University. I talked for an hour and a half at the seminar. After my lecture, I quickly went back to Osaka station. I took brochettes and a glass of … Continue reading

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Plenary talk successful

My talk started at 11:25 AM.  I had to finish my talk in 35 minutes for the questions, and I had to shorted the last part.  Other than that, it was successful. I answered the questions with no problem. Everybody came to tell me he enjoyed my talk. So I became happy, although I was half asleep. I took lunch with an American professor, whose lab I worked at during the sabbatical.  It was more than 5 years ago.  He was healthy but I felt he became older. In the afternoon, I nodded during the conference.  I am sorry but I could not help it. In the evening, five professors … Continue reading

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