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Second presentation day and Valentine’s day

The second day of the presentation for the master’s degree started from 9 AM. Today is special; my student is presenting. At 10 AM, the student started a 20-min presentation followed by 10-min questions & answers. I chaired. He was very nervous and did not look confident. I became nervous, too. After the presentation, the professors of a wide range of field started to ask questions. I became more nervous. To my surprise, the student did not answer well; he did EXCELLENT. He understood what the professors were trying to ask and answered perfectly! I was thrilled. From 3:40 PM, there was the final oral examination. This time, two professors … Continue reading

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School year is ending

Two of my students are writing their theses.  I am helping them these days. There was a meeting in the institute this afternoon, where professors reported their activities of the academic year 2011. A new teacher coming from April was decided at the meeting, too. I am thinking how to use up the money till the end of March. I have decided a farewell party for my students on March 1. Tomorrow, there will be the first part of the entrance exams to the national universities. The academic year is ending.

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Wedding day in Kumamoto

After I got up, I took breakfast in Toyoko Inn; the breakfast is included. I think Toyoko Inn is a reasonable hotel chain in Japan. The rooms are small but clean, taken care of, and well-equipped. The breakfast is fair for Japanese people (if you do not eat Japanese food, you need to go with bread and coffee, much less tasty). It was rainy. I took a taxi to the wedding-ceremony hall. I got there at 10 AM. I met my old friends, ex-students, and professors. We were brought to the lounge, where we took drinks.    We waited for the wedding to start, talking over a drink. Before 11 … Continue reading

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Seminar Started

In the morning, I left Smart at my parents’ so that Katya can drive it with Maya-san on. I said a quick good-by to Maya-san not to make her too upset. After arriving in Kofu by train, I went to the institute by mini. I met teachers and students, discussed about the schedules, loaded stuffs on cars, and left Kofu. After arriving at a hotel, we prepared rooms for seminars. People started arriving at 5 PM. We helped them registered. Meanwhile, the party was being prepared. The welcome party started at 7 PM, which I chaired. It continued till 9 PM. I think people enjoyed it very much. The committee … Continue reading

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From Shimosuwa to Hatsushima Island

My parents will take care of Maya-san for two nights. Katya and I left Shimosuwa, heading for  Atami. On the way, we had lunch at Nigiri no Tokube, Gotemba.    After lunch, we drove to Atami, which they call “Monaco in Asia”.    We left Smart in a parking lot and walked to Atami Harbor.    We took a boat “Isle de Vacances III” to Hatsushima Island after she had returned from the island.    It was a trip less than half an hour.        From Hatsushima Harbor, a bus took us to XIV Hatsushima Hotel.    In the evening, we left the hotel and walked to Porto, an Italian restaurant. … Continue reading

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Lotus – a Thai restaurant

It is Saturday today.  All the students, as well as researchers and teachers, got together for students’ monthly presentation.  Today, it was for seniors. One of my students, who came to the taco party the other day, talked about his results, too.  I think he did OK. Meanwhile, Katya took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic.  Maya-san’s left hind leg has not been recovered yet.  She needs to be in the cage for a while. In the afternoon, a Korean postdoc came from Korea to present his works to find a job here.  His presentation was not very impressive.  I do not know whether he will be hired. In the evening … Continue reading

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Institute Lodging: First Day

It is 4:30 PM.  Teachers, researchers, and students are leaving at 5 PM to Yamanakako area for the institute lodging. We have fun there to get closer each other. I will let you know later what was going on after I came back to Kofu. —————————————————— At 5 PM, the bus started.  More than 70 people got on two buses.  I rode on the smaller one. It is a less-than-two-hour drive.  The traffic was smooth.  The buses passed by Lake Kawaguchiko. It was getting foggy after leaving Lake Kawaguchiko. And foggier. Tennis is planned tomorrow morning. We might not be able to play tennis. The buses arrived at the lodge … Continue reading

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Welcome-Farewell-Relief Party

We had a small party in the institute among teachers. We welcomed three new staffs, said good-bye to one teacher who is going to the states. One teacher came from Ibaraki prefecture, where his house was destroyed by the earthquake.  He was fine and healthy, although he told us his story of survival during and after the earthquake.  His family is still worried about the life there, which eventually makes them more uncomfortable to live in Ibaraki. In Kofu, almost everything went back to normal.  However, in the disaster areas, people are patiently living their lives.

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Parties continue

From 6 PM, we had a small party among teachers, researchers, and students, who have been working on a specific field together in the institute to celebrate the success in the final exams and the graduation. We had unlimited meat-and-vegetable pots and drinks. I saved because I was going to Tokube, a sushi restaurant with Katya; today’s Thursday, a Tuna day. I got full and sleepy because I have been working on the tax payment at night after the work. I woke up and started posting this article.

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Katya, an English Teacher

When she came to Japan, Katya started learning Japanese in a Japanese school in Kofu. She learned it for one year.  She kept learning Chinese, too, going to a Chinese lesson once a week. It was not easy to find a job even after her graduation, but one day she sent me an e-mail to my cell phone saying, “I found a job”.  Her Chinese teacher introduced her to a kindergarten for English teaching.  She started teaching English then.  Katya became popular among kids, and jobs after jobs started to come. On Friday, she teaches from the morning till the evening.  Friday is the day when I cook the most.  … Continue reading

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