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Preparation for the earthquake

At 6 PM, all the teaching staffs got together in a room to discuss about the laboratory improvement against the earthquake.  Two professors had checked all the rooms and suggested how the rooms could be changed, such as nailing the bookshelf on the wall. We were not too much concerned about the earthquake, but a big quake has been predicted in the Tokai area.  The earthquake in the north-eastern area reminded us of the future quake. We talked about an earthquake drill in the institute, too. So, I came back home at 9 PM this evening.

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Katya, an English Teacher

When she came to Japan, Katya started learning Japanese in a Japanese school in Kofu. She learned it for one year.  She kept learning Chinese, too, going to a Chinese lesson once a week. It was not easy to find a job even after her graduation, but one day she sent me an e-mail to my cell phone saying, “I found a job”.  Her Chinese teacher introduced her to a kindergarten for English teaching.  She started teaching English then.  Katya became popular among kids, and jobs after jobs started to come. On Friday, she teaches from the morning till the evening.  Friday is the day when I cook the most.  … Continue reading

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Former student visited me in Kofu

When I was a university student in Tokyo, I was tutoring a brother and a sister, who were high school students.  I taught the girl math and the boy, French.  I taught them once a week for three years, and the family and I established a good relationship. I left Tokyo and the teaching finished.  Once in a while, I visited the family. Then the boy went to Los Angeles and studied for five years (I once met him there) followed by studying in Paris for three years majoring in business.  I completely lost contact with them. The boy, now grown up, found me on the web and sent me … Continue reading

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How I teach English

In Japan, Katya has become a professional English teacher and Russian/Japanese translator.  Katya is very good at languages;   it seems  that for her, languages are something that she breaths in and out. For a year and a half, I was asking Katya to teach five of my students once a week. However, she became so popular a teacher in the Kofu area  and has no time now. So I started to teach the students again. I consider a language as a system; Language = Grammar + Words + Pronunciation + (Culture) I tell students to learn sentences by heart, because I think if you do not keep sentences in … Continue reading

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While I was at work, Katya went to Shosenkyo again to take pictures.  She showed me some of the pictures (Pics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that looked like beautiful abstract art works. In the afternoon, Katya’s Ukrainian friend, Kseniya, living in Higashi Yamanashi city came to our apartment with her Japanese husband.  They have a farm and brought us persimmons.  Katya was teaching when they arrived, and they left a box of them in front of our apartment.  Kseniya called to Katya saying that Maya-san had barked so furiously inside to keep our residence. Their persimmons grew good and large. There were no seeds inside, and the taste … Continue reading

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Busy Monday

Monday is always busy. In the morning, I check e-mails and try to settle matters as much as possible. In the afternoon, we have a lab meeting and I have a class to teach.  Now I am teaching students how to construct digital circuits using kits. Today, I reviewed three papers after the class. Katya sent me an e-mail telling she went to Shosenkyo at its best.  So many people were there, and she had a hard time taking pictures, although, she took 120 photos. I came home at 8:30 PM.  Katya cooked Chinese dishes, which were very good. A box had arrived from an apartment management company for the … Continue reading

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Chili successful

Katya was out teaching this evening. While she was at work, I tried to cook chili again. This time, I used enough tomatoes. Although we could not find kidney beans, the taste was not only good, but also of genuine chili. Katya came back at 9:30 PM. We enjoyed it together.

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A bit about me and Katya

I am a university professor in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan, teaching and researching in chemistry. Real estate is my side job. My wife, Katya, is Russian. We first met in Shenzhen, China, in 2006. We have been married for 3 years. Katya is an English teacher and a Russian/English/Japanese translator.  She is joining a Russian dachshund community. All in Russian language, though. If you are a dachshund lover (and if you understand Russian), please check it when you have time.

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