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Still a hot October day

Today is October 2, but was still humid and hot. The highest temperature reached 28 degree C. In the university, air conditioners were not allowed to be used any more in order to save the energy, so I fully opened up the windows. I sweated in the office while working in front of the computer. I finished up another paper today. I am working hard before going to Hawaii.

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Getting cooler

It is at the end of September, and the highest temperature in Kofu finally went down ot less than 30 degree C today. It was comfortable even during the day time. The deadline of the revision of the project report waits for me on September 27. I will work on it tonight.

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Japan beats Spain

At midnight, I started watching an Olympic soccer game: Japan vs. Spain, prior to the opening ceremony. Japan is ranked #20 while Spain #1. I was not expecting anything. From a corner kick, Japan happened to get a goal. Moreover, Spain lost a player because of a serious foul. I thought I would keep watching until Japan loses a few goals. However, the Japanese players played  well and they won! I was in fact more surprised than happy, and I soon went to sleep. In the morning, I watched TV news. I realized it was a big win for them. Then I went to school. It was a hot day … Continue reading

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Olympic soccer games started

The temperature raised up to 37 degree C in Kofu today.  It is expected to be  hot for days to come. Katya is leaving for Vladivostok only in four days, so I hope she can wait. Maya-san. on the other hand, likes to go out to the veranda because cats come sometimes into the backyard. We need to take her in once in a while. Soccer tournaments have already started in the Olympic games. Girls won the first game against Canada. From now on, guys play against Spain.  To be honest, I think there is little chance to beat them.

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