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Business trip to NEC in Tsukuba

I went to Tsukuba on  a business trip. We stopped at Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Station to visit the Nanoelectronic Laboratory of NEC. A researcher in NEC and I used to work in the same laboratory in University of Illinois, although not at the same time.  We got to know each other by the introduction of the professor of the lab and have known each other for five years.  Besides, an ex-student of mine is working with him. We talked about our new research collaboration possibly starting next April.  It will be fun. It was a short one-day trip. After coming back home, I found a cactus, Katya bought. Candle is … Continue reading

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Rainy Tsukuba

I was asked to give a lecture at University of Tsukuba, and Katya took me to Kofu station this morning.  She saw my umbrella, a birthday present, and had me take her umbrella with me just in case I lose it. It rained hard in Tokyo because of a typhoon.  I changed trains and headed for Tsukuba.  It was raining there, too. After the lecture, I moved back to Kofu.  I was sleeping in a train to Kofu and forgot Katya’s umbrella inside.  I noticed it when I was out of the train, but it was too late to fetch it.  Sorry, Katya. It is a cool evening today.  We … Continue reading

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