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Snowy National Foundation Day

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday in Japan. Katya and I woke up at 7 PM in the morning. Katya was going to the Russian embassy in Tokyo for the renewal of her passport. When we saw outside, it was snowing as forecast. Katya had a cup of coffee, and I took her to Kofu station. I left her and went back home. I took Maya-san out for a walk.  Then I went to my office to fetch my homeworks.  The institute was covered with snow. I worked with my laptop.  Maya-san took a nap by me. In the afternoon, I went out with a car. First I went … Continue reading

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English Teaching and Sushi Eating

In the evening, I taught English to three of my students in my office.  I had them memorize skits at home, and they first practiced the skits in front of me.  Then they did some dictation. When I finished the class, Katya called me saying she had no time for cooking today.  So we went to Tokube. Yellowtails were very good.  They are good especially in winter. After sushi, we ordered desserts.  Katya had herb rice cakes with brown sugar syrup as usual. I had sweet-omelet sushi and sweet baked-conger sushi. We used a 19%-off ticket. We went to TSUTAYA after Tokube. Now we are watching the first episode of … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

There is a hotel in the mountain. In the morning, we headed for the hotel, parked our Smart at the parking lot and went for a hiking with Maya-san. We came back home and urgently went to a tennis court to try the borrowed rackets again.  Katya liked one of them. We came back again, took a quick shower, and went to a concert hall near Kofu. Our favorite local amateur orchestra played Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky very well.  We were fascinated! We came back again, took Maya-san, and headed for the sports shop.  Katya bought  a Babolat racket.  It will be ready on Friday. We took Maya-san to … Continue reading

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rainy day, fish evening, Maya-san on the lap

It rained during the day time.   In the evening, the rain stopped.  It was very nice riding a bike back home. Katya prepared a fish dinner. After dinner, Katya drove us out.  Maya-san on my lap. She kept watching out for cats. We arrived at Tsutaya to rent Columbo. We are almost finishing the series.

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Just a small tip about Famima T-Card, if you are a point collector

You could easily get a Famima T-card at Family Mart, a convenience store. No annual fees are needed for this credit card. Gusto only accepts cash, but with showing the Famima T-card, they put T-points on it. T-points can also be obtained at TSUTAYA, a rental CD/DVD shop.  At some gas stations, T-points are given, too, even you pay with cash.  Or, you can use a credit card for the payment to get points or miles on the card, and T-points as well by showing your Famima T-card.  T-points can be converted to ANA miles, and this is why I am collecting T-points. The largest advantage of this card might … Continue reading

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