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Jingisukan again on Typhoon Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s. An extremely powerful typhoon, #17, is coming to Japan.  It is the biggest one in years. In the afternoon, it started raining. At around 6 PM, the typhoon arrived in Toba, Mie prefecture, where we stayed in July. We had a Jingisukan BBQ again for dinner.    Katya prepared a lot of vegetables this time. Last evening, Katya put four snails inside the sea-water fish tank. They look healthy. It is 9 PM, the wind got stronger.

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Rainy season arrived

After the typhoon the day before yesterday, the sky became very clear and it was hot yesterday. Today, from the morning, it rained on and off. The rainy season has arrived in Japan. In a way it is good because the cool summer is not only good for Katya, but also we can save the energy. In the Kansai area of Japan, the electricity company is planning to run up the nuclear power plants. It is very interesting to see how people will react in the middle of summer; will they stop their air conditioners or they will chose an extra energy?

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Tokube visit on a typhoon night

Typhoon #4 hits Japan today. Kofu is in the mountainous area and the damages are normally not large. Even though, the rain was heavy and the wind strong. At 8 PM, Katya came to the office by car to pick me up to a sushi restaurant “Nigiri no Tokube” because today’s 19th of June, which is a Tokube Day. In the restaurant, there were some people enjoying sushi even during the storm. The menu was changed to that of a summer version.       I was going to work early in the morning tomorrow, but is could still be a hard rain. So Katya took me back to the office … Continue reading

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Shosenkyo after the typhoon

In the afternoon, we drove to Shosenkyo. It takes only 30 minutes from home to there. On the way, I was singing PONPONPON, and Katya was fed up with it. There were very few cars in the parking lot, very understandable after the typhoon. As we walked up, the river began to run more vigorously. The water was dangerously falling down at the fall, making noises and splashes. It was a good change of mind. After coming home, I started working for finishing my duties before my departure tomorrow.

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Peaches and Sushis

It was rainy all day because of the typhoon. I am glad it arrived after our trip. An office worker gave us peaches again. In the evening, we went to Nigiri no Tokube, because today is the 19th, the Tokube day. We had only some sushis after the feasts on Hatsushima.

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