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Presentation finished, successfully!

I stayed up all night in my office, preparing for the presentation in Tokyo scheduled today. 20-min presentation and 10-min Q&A is not long at all, but it should be counted far more seriously than the report I submitted the other day. At 7 AM, I went back home for a walk with Maya-san, while Katya was tired and sleeping with Mariya. Then I went back to the office. I made 25 copies of my PowerPoint presentation file, and left the institute at 11 AM for Kofu station. The presentation was scheduled at 3:40 PM, so leaving that early was not necessary, but I did not want to get to … Continue reading

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Tokyo visit with Katya

Katya and I took Maya-san to my parents’ in Shimosuwa. We are going to spend this weekend in Tokyo. After leaving Maya-san at my parents’, we left Shimosuwa station for Tokyo. I took a  video with no driver in a driver’s room. Normally, this train is of nine cars, but today, they added two more cars to make it a 11-car train. The driver was in front of the train two cars ahead. We arrived in Ueno. In Coca, a Thai restaurant by the station, we had dinner. Unfried spring rolls and a grounded-pork salad for appetizers.    The grounded pork was spicy and very good. We liked it very … Continue reading

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