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Final Day in Honolulu, Back to Japan

I woke up at 7 AM in the morning. I have no work today. I walked around Hilton Hawaiian Village. There was a tiny zoo in the hotel. I saw penguins in the pool. I walked out to the beach (for the first time in this trip). I went into a small restaurant to have breakfast.    After breakfast, I walked by the beach to see Diamond Head. I walked in the water, too.    Then I walked back to the hotel. This was all my vacation this time. I packed my bags, checked out, and left Hilton at 11 PM. It took 30 min to the airport. After the … Continue reading

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Sun Meadows in summer and Busiest Tokube

After breakfast, we went to “Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort.” In summer, the slope is good for walking. There are two lifts taking us up, too.    After the arrival, we first visited a small lake near by. Sometimes, people learn canoeing on the lake, but today there was nobody. Maya-san took a bath in to cool her down.    We walked along the side way and went up the slope.    Then we walked down and took a lift up again.    Maya-san was with Katya on the lift. She was not afraid of the ride. Views of the city down from the hill and up the mountain.    … Continue reading

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Back to Kofu, Sunday May 6, the last day of Golden Week

In the morning, I woke up alone  to take a hot spring spa. Katya and I had breakfast in “Oceano” on the first floor in XIV Hatsushima.    After breakfast, Katya went to the esthetic salon. I was watching TV, waiting for her to return. She was satisfied with the treatment. We had cakes at the hotel  lounge, checked out, and took a bus to the harbor. Katya bought souvenirs for my parents at a shop by the harbor. We then said good-by to Hatsushima on “Isle de vacances II”.    After arriving at Atami, we went to the parking lot, picked our Smart, and drove to Shimosuwa. We only stopped … Continue reading

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Working before the Golden Week

Golden Week starts tomorrow. Before (and after) the vacation, I am always busy. Today, I am writing a paper, trying to finish it till tomorrow’s morning.

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Tickets to Hatsushima arrived

Katya and I are planning to go to Hatsushima on May 4 and 5. At Yahoo auction, I was betting and won the discount tickets to the island. Today, I received the tickets. I am working longer to finish my jobs before the vacations come.

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Katya meets new friends by Lake Kawaguchi

Katya is joining a Russian site on dachshunds. Katya has been knowing a couple, dachshund lovers living in Saint Petersburg.  They are programmers visiting a lot of countries during their vacations. They came to Japan last year after the disaster and liked the country. So they visited Japan again this spring. This morning, they took trains from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi to stay one night. Katya went to meet them there in Smart. After coming back home, I asked Katya how it was. She said it was much fun.  They went around the lake, went to other two lakes, saw Mt. Fuji, ate Hoto, etc. Katya gave them strawberries cultivated in Kofu, … Continue reading

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Afternoon nap on a summer day

Summer vacation has started I decided to work this summer, but flexibly. In the morning, I took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic We waited for 10 minutes. Maya-san was on my lap. She smelled cats and was very excited. I had to hold her tight. She had an inspection and a laser treatment. Vet told me her legs are with no problem. She weighed 6.4 kg, so her weight is stable. I left Maya-san home and went to my office. I took a late lunch and took a nap, and I fully went to sleep. I know the reason; after Katya left, Maya-san started to wake me up while I … Continue reading

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August 2006, My visit again to Vladivostok

During the summer vacation in 2006, I went to see Katya in Vladivostok.  Pleasant summer days. I stayed at “Vlad Motor Inn” this time.  It is located in a forest in the suburbs of Vladivostok, run by a Canadian owner.  It may not be a genuine Russian hotel; everybody speaks English with English signs inside.  It is a good, comfortable hotel, if you do not speak Russian.  I recommend it.  Katya likes the hotel, too. One day, Katya, Natalia, and I were having pizzas outside.  Maya-san was with us.  We kept giving her crusts, which she kept eating.  It was funny she started to hide them in her bed when … Continue reading

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Work again before another break

Officially, I am on vacation, but I started working again. It is good to work on a holiday, because tasks are not increasing but only decreasing. And no meetings.  I am less stressed today. I will now start preparing a document of the products fabricated in my ex-student’s firm.  It is an enjoyable work.

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Year-End Party

Before the winter vacation comes, we had a year-end party this evening of all the members of the institute, namely 90 members including teachers, researchers, students, and office workers.  Everybody got together. The party was held in a banquet room in a hotel. A bus was reserved from the institute to the hotel, although I rode my Lamborghini. It was a big dinner over drinks; the general idea of the party is forget bad things that happened during the year. I have not told anybody about my blog except the American professor, so I just show you foods served, not people present. Many students were there, so the quantity was … Continue reading

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