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Olympic soccer games started

The temperature raised up to 37 degree C in Kofu today.  It is expected to be  hot for days to come. Katya is leaving for Vladivostok only in four days, so I hope she can wait. Maya-san. on the other hand, likes to go out to the veranda because cats come sometimes into the backyard. We need to take her in once in a while. Soccer tournaments have already started in the Olympic games. Girls won the first game against Canada. From now on, guys play against Spain.  To be honest, I think there is little chance to beat them.

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Hot days continue in Kofu

I miss the rainy season. Kofu is one of the hottest places in Japan. Air conditioner is essential now. It has become a difficult time of the year especially for Katya, who is leaving for Vladivostok on July 31; she still needs to wait. Summer is hard for Maya-san the dachshund, too, who needs to walk close to the hot, paved street. My parents living in Shimosuwa have bought a second house by the river. We will try to stay there.

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Evening Tennis

It was a hot day, too. The highest temperature was (only) 33 degree C, but I felt it as hot as yesterday, especially after I rode a bicycle back home for lunch. Katya was surprised to see how my shirt got wet after a 10-min ride. Katya hates heat in Japan. She is so looking forward to her return back to Vladivostok at the end of this month. In the evening, I joined a tennis class held in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  It was hot, but it was very nice moving my body after desk works.  After returning home by mini, Katya was surprised again to see my soaked T-shirt because … Continue reading

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Rainy season continues

During the daytime, the temperature got higher than 30 degree C. Katya in the apartment and me in the office used air conditioners in the afternoon. In the evening, we had a heavy rain; the rainy season has not yet been ended. It became very pleasant at night again. It has been a cool summer so far. Hot summer always suffers Katya, so I feel good about the summer this year. Katya is coming back to Vladivostok in August.  It will be a paradise there.

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Katya’s return schedules

Vladivostok Air withdrew from Japan at the end of March,  and Aeroflot took its part. However, Aeroflot did not succeed the route from Narita to Vladivostok. How is Katya going to be back to Vladivostok? I called to Delta today with a hope to use my miles for Aeroflot flights. They found one route using only 25,000 miles: Narita – Moscow – Vladivostok!  Unfortunately, the flight is too long for Katya, who has only a two-week break. Korean Air is a choice. But she needs to stay one night in Seoul. Besides, seats are already limited by the Japanese visitors to Korea during the summer vacation.  Also, they will not … Continue reading

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Russian Christmas

Today is Russian Christmas. Since Katya was busy working, we did not have a big dinner. Salads, cheese, duck, baguette, and a glass of wine. We watched Brisbane  tennis games. Unfortunately, two players Katya was for had lost the games.

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Tennis school after 3 months

Katya and I had not been playing tennis for 3 months, because of Katya’s return to Vladivostok, my preparation for the project, and Natalia’s arrival to Kofu. This evening, Katya and I went to a tennis lesson. There were only three students including us. The instructor was new to us. He introduced himself as a freshman of my university!  I did not tell him that I am a professor there, in fear that he would be too polite. We did the basics. The lesson was not so hard, but we moved a lot because the students were only three. It was a good practice. The instructor was young, but he … Continue reading

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Natalia left

We woke up at 7:30 AM. We took breakfast together. Then all of us, including Maya-san, went to Kofu station. Natalia gave me a hug and rode on the bus with Katya.  Then the bus left Kofu. Katya took care of Natalia in Narita Airport.  They had lunch, and Natalia left Japan for Vladivostok. While they were at the airport, I was working in the office with Maya-san. Katya came back home at 6:15 PM. She was tired. Katya called to Vladivostok to find that Natalia had safely arrived home. Good. Katya and I went out walking to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh,  on the Takeda street. Katya had ramen … Continue reading

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Natalia’s Last Evening in Kofu

In the evening, we drove to Red Lobster.    We thought of going to a Japanese restaurant, but Natalia chose a comfortable place she knows. Natalia bought us a dinner.          Everything was good except for the chewy beef. I sent an e-mail of complaint to the headquarter of Red Lobster Japan. Luckily, Natalia did not have the meat because she was already full. It was a good dinner anyway.  Thank you, Natalia. Natalia is packing now.  She will be leaving tomorrow morning to Vladivostok.

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Some Russian Tastes

Natalia brought many Russian foods from Vladivostok. I showed you grapes. She also brought much bread, which fascinated Katya. I enjoy it, too. Vinegared herring from Vladivostok went well with the bread and white wine. Today, I had very good borsch. It was interesting that the taste was different from that Katya makes. For dessert, I had some Kiev chocolates that Natalia bought there. It was very good, too.   It is amazing how much she brought.

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