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Sunday in honolulu

I got on the plane at 8:30 PM. The plane left Narita at 9:15 PM. I was sleepy and decided to sleep instead of working, but it was not very successful; I slept for one or two hours. More than 90% of the passengers was Japanese. The plane arrived at 9 AM in Honolulu. I found a colleague of mine. We took a shuttle bus to Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was a fine, pleasant day. I arrived at the hotel at 10 AM, but I needed to wait until 11 AM for the room to be ready. The room in Tapa Tower is standard. The room is not facing the … Continue reading

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Wedding in Tokiwa Hotel, Kofu

I left home for Tokiwa Hotel, the most prestigious hotel in Kofu,  for the wedding. It was built in 1929. When I was taking a picture of the front view of the building, I was asked by an employee of the hotel to post an article on the blog if I have one (for a free commercial, of course). I said yes I have one and I would. When I entered the hotel, I was astonished by the Japanese garden seen through the big windows of the lobby. The wedding was held in the garden, which was a perfect idea, except that the temperature in Kofu raised up to 30 degree … Continue reading

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Friend arrives from Kumamoto

It was a beautiful day. Dogwood was beautiful in the garden of the institute. Dogwoods were sent to Japan from Washington D.C. in1915 after the present of cherry trees from Tokyo in 1912. Dogwoods are now seen all over Japan. In Kofu, they are beautiful in this season of the year. In the evening an ex-colleague of mine came to Kofu from Kumamoto to celebrate the tomorrow’s wedding of my ex-student/present colleague. The ex-colleague from Kumamoto, the other ex-student/present colleague, and I had dinner together at Ohajiki, a well-known chicken restaurant in Kofu. The entrance is very small; you must bend yourself down to get in.    The chickens are of Yamanashi … Continue reading

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Celebrating Wedding Anniversary in Tokyo

We have been married for four years. We had a petite honey moon in XIV Tateshina. Since then, we have been celebrating our wedding, staying there, having dinner in the same French restaurant. This year, to my surprise, a room could not be reserved even in the middle of winter. So we decided to stay in Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. It used to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan (now, it is not extremely expensive). In the morning, Katya and I took Maya-san to my parents. Anju was there left by my sister, who are also travelling with my niece. Maya-san and Anju were getting along … Continue reading

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Wedding day in Kumamoto

After I got up, I took breakfast in Toyoko Inn; the breakfast is included. I think Toyoko Inn is a reasonable hotel chain in Japan. The rooms are small but clean, taken care of, and well-equipped. The breakfast is fair for Japanese people (if you do not eat Japanese food, you need to go with bread and coffee, much less tasty). It was rainy. I took a taxi to the wedding-ceremony hall. I got there at 10 AM. I met my old friends, ex-students, and professors. We were brought to the lounge, where we took drinks.    We waited for the wedding to start, talking over a drink. Before 11 … Continue reading

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Kumamoto for my friend’s wedding

My ex-colleague living in Kumamoto is getting married. Katya was not invited to the wedding; it is common in Japan. Katya was a little upset, but I could do nothing about it. Katya took me to Kofu Station with Maya-san. I left Kofu by train. From Hamanatsu-cho in Tokyo, I took a monorail to Haneda Airport. In the airplane, my seat was assigned by the wing.  It was rainy; in the plane, we were told that the plane might not arrive in Kumamoto because of the weather. In the plane, the sky naturally looked clear. The plane was fairly clouded, but I was able to use two seats. The plane … Continue reading

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Wedding Anniversary

We had a farewell party for a Korean PhD student, who is about to leave Japan, at a Japanese restaurant. to let him enjoy Japanese foods. During the party, I sneaked out because it is our wedding anniversary today. I brought cakes and Katya, too. Is it The Gift of the Magi? I get sleepy when I am drunk.

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Wedding Celebration in Tateshina

We got married on February 23, 2008.  We went to the city hall of Kofu for the marriage registration.  On the evening, we stayed in a hotel, “XIV (ekseev) Tateshina”.  We had dinner in a French restaurant in the hotel. We have been going to the same hotel and having dinner in the same restaurant for our wedding anniversaries.  Today, Saturday, February 19, 2011, we are staying in XIV Tateshina without Maya-san; my parents had visitors, so Maya-san stayed in a dog hotel this time. We arrived there at 5:15 PM, checked in, and entered the room: a mixture of a bedroom and a Japanese tatami room, as usual in … Continue reading

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Celebration Card from Russia

Katya was working till 9:30 PM. I cooked dinner for her. I grilled mackerel, strewed Japanese radish and yellowtail, and sauteed sliced beef and king trumpet mushrooms.  The dishes were simple and good. From Russia, Natalia, Katya’s mother, sent us a card celebrating our wedding anniversary, which is February 23. This weekend, we are planning to go out to celebrated it.

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Winter plans

Holiday season is coming.  We have made up some plans. Dec. 11    Go to another Jazz concert held in a smaller concert hall in Kofu.  Kawashima will come again with our favorate pianist (check how he plays).  I reserved seats. Dec. 12   Have fun outside of Kofu. Dec. 25  Stay in Tateshina, Nagano. Go skiing for the first time this winter. Dec. 31 – Jan. 3  Stay in Karuizawa, Nagano.  Go skiing, eat good food, stay up late. Jan. 7  Celebrate Russian Christmas. Feb. 19  Stay in Tateshina and celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Wish us luck.

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