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Welcome party at Monojiya

There was a welcome party of a research group in the institute. I went into a narrow side street, “Chochin Yokocho” near Kofu Station. I walked up into a building.  Looks weird. We had the party at Monojiya. They made the inside old and cheap as in the 60s.    The party started at 7 PM.  I sneaked out at 8 PM to see Katya and Mariya.

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Welcome party for the Chinese student

In front of the south exit of Kofu Station, there is an old narrow street called “Paper Lantern Back Street (Chochin Yokocho)” for drinking. A welcome party was held in a pub, “Monojiya“,  for the Chinese student from France.    It started at 7:40 PM. I was checking the Chinese student to see whether he was doing OK, because some foods, like horse sashimi, may be hard to enjoy. He seemed to be fine. I sneaked out the party at 8:30 PM.  I will ask him weather he enjoyed himself.

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Another welcome party

I think Japanese drink together a lot. This could be because that we are very suppressed by the society and that drinking together releases the tension. The rule: “When drinking, any talk is forgiven and forgotten” . There was another party to welcome newcomers to our research group. I think that  the welcome parties are too many this year, but I joined today’s party only to show my face. It was held at “Bang Bang“.       The party started at 8 PM. I sneaked out before 9 PM and left for home.

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Farewell-and-Welcome party

One of the office workers is leaving, and two new workers have arrived to the institute. So we had a farewell-and-welcome party. I like the Japanese way to have parties together with professors and office workers. The party was held at “Sennenno Utage (Parties of A thousand years)” on the second floor of Yoshinoya in front of Kofu station. I like the name, which remains me of “Cien Años de Soledad (One hundred years of solitute)” of García Márquez. The foods were good. The price was reasonable.    The woman leaving the office will start working in an accountant office near the institute.  I have worked with her three and a half … Continue reading

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