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Exercise in Kai Yu Park and Fill-up in Starbucks

Katya and I went to Kai Yu Park, a public sports center in Kai city. with indoor swimming pools and gyms. Katya walked and I swam for one hour in different pools. On the way back home after the exercises, we went to Starbucks for snacks. Katya brought the tumbler I gave her on White Day.    The tumbler worked well. It kept heat giving no bad taste to coffee.

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Farewell Party #1 on White Day

One of the research groups invited me to a graduation party at Monojiya in front of Kofu Station. I went there for the first time. It was decorated in an old way.    Nearly 30 people joined the party. Today is White Day in Japan, when a guy sends a girl present. This year, I gave Katya a Starbucks’ portable coffee mug.

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Thank you for your help

Nearly 100 countries and districts offered help to the Japanese. Yes, we need your help.  We are so grateful.  Thank you very much. We will try to help you when in need. Today is White Day, a day when men thank their partners in Japan.  I bought Katya chocolates and a puppy doll. It was warm today, but we might have snow in the North-Eastern district during the nighttime.  I hope it will not be very cold.

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Happy White Valentine’s Day

Form 9:30 to 17:00, I was at the final presentations of the master degree students.  Each talked for 20 minutes with 10-minute Q/A.  All did well; they are sure to be graduated. Tomorrow, the students of our institutes will present their results.  We are expecting a party tomorrow evening. On the way back home, it was snowing.  Boy, it will be a big one, for sure.  Kofu will be completely covered. At home, Katya gave me chocolates. Yes, I remembered.  Today is Valentine’s Day.  In Japan, girls give boys chocolates, and Katya followed the rule.  I will follow another rule and give her something on White Day on March 14. … Continue reading

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