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iPhone and bottles

I was busy today with two lectures. In the evening, I was running out for a meeting. I jumped and broke my iPhone 5 I bought with Katya last December. I did not know that the screen was so fragile. Other than the screen, it worked, but I need to replace it to a new one, anyway. I got shocked. After I came back home, we had deliveries. BODY SHOP bottles from the director of our institute, for whom we held a party for his awards. Wines I bought at “Tomi no Oka” on Sunday. I am looking forward to trying them.

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Katya’s dinner in Nagasaka Clinic

The hospital gave Katya a good dinner for celebrating the birth of Mariya. Mariya looks fine. Katya started feeding her.    We found that Mariya follows us by the eyes. She tried to grab our fingers. I said to Katya that Mariya could be genius. I brought home a bottle of wine Katya had received.

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First trial of non-alcoholic wine

Katya and I tried a non-alcoholic German wine, CARL JUNG, for dinner. We bought four bottles of different kinds. This evening, we tasted Merlot, red wine. The taste was very similar to wine. I wish they had added less sugar. I think it was not very bad, but I prefer wine.

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