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Lost-and-found and French restaurant

During the lunch time, I went to a lost-and-found at Kofu station about the doughnuts I had left in the train last evening.  The doughnuts are at the last stop of the train and will be delivered to us. I signed the document showing my ID, and left the station. In the afternoon, there was a party in a French restaurant, “Sadoya” for celebrating the  the success of the workshop held early August It started at 6 PM and ended after 8 PM. Sadoya is a winery, too, and I drank much wine. After coming back home, Katya was a bit amazed by my being so drunk.

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Business trip to Chiba

I left Kofu at 1 PM and arrived at Hotel Springs Makuhari  in Chiba. There was a two-hour workshop in the hotel for the present energy situation. A Nobel prize laureate, Koichi Tanaka, gave a short talk, too. The workshop gave a perspective of the renewable energynow. It was difficult to make a reservation in Makuhari because of JASIS in Makuhari Messe, which I am attending tomorrow. Therefore, I took trains to Chiba station. It started raining. I took a light dinner and walked to Chiba Washington Hotel. It was a small hotel. The room I stayed in was small,too. It is OK, because it cost only 4500 yen including breakfast. … Continue reading

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Second Day of International Workshop

The workshop continued in Kofu Fujiya Hotel. In the morning, three lecturers talked. In the afternoon,  a poster session was held on the hall way.    Mostly, students presented their posters. There were two more talks, and the workshop ended at 5 PM. I went back home, took Maya-san for a walk, and went to a tennis lesson in Kose Sports Park.

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First Day of International Workshop

Today is the first day of the international workshop, which I was preparing for. In the morning, I woke up early to take a long walk with Maya-san. Then I drove to Kofu Fujiya Hotel, where the workshop was held. I was chairing the meeting.    There were 200 participants. During the lunch time, I came back to say hello to Maya-san. We had a coffee break, too. Seven invited lectures were given. Banquet started at 6 PM.    Japanese traditional guitars were played. I left soon for Maya-san’s dinner and walk.

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Getting ready to hold a workshop in August

The institute will hold a workshop on August 2 and 3. I have been asking researchers all over the world to join it. Today, the reserved attendees went up to 150, so it will be a big workshop. I am getting in touch with invited speakers, too.  Two from abroad have not responded to me yet. I need to ask them send us abstracts.

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Saturday Work

In the morning, students in the institute held their research presentations, and teachers joined.  Eight students talked, one of whom is mine.  He did a good job. After the presentation, teachers stayed for a meeting ; we are going to hold a workshop next summer in Nagano.  It is a small, 4-day workshop with approximately 80 participants, and I will chair the workshop. I am stressed these days because of the works I have, and was worried about today’s meeting, too, but the schedules I proposed were accepted, which made me feel relieved. I had lunch at home, and Katya and I went to Yanase to have a break pad … Continue reading

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